Play Review: Red Dragon Inn

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to play Red Dragon Inn with my wife and my good friend Monte…and I had a blast.  Well, technically, we played Red Dragon Inn 3, but it uses the same rules and is a stand alone product (as is Red Dragon Inn 2).

In case, like me, you haven’t heard about this game before, it’s put out by Slugfest Games. The premise is that, basically, you are a group of adventurers who have returned to the inn and are now spending their gold, boozing it up, gambling and scuffling.  The last character standing is the winner, and you drop out of the game when you run out of money or pass out by having your Health and Fortitude meet on the track.

Each player picks a character.  Each character has a Drink Deck and a special deck or other mechanic (such as the orc paladin’s piety tracker) that is used for that character’s special abilities.  In our game, I played the troll alchemist who could brew potions that either he could use or he could sell to other players and could manipulate drinks in various ways.

Each round, you take a drink which has various effects, usually reducing Fortitude  and/or increasing  your Alcohol level.  Once Fortitude and Alcohol are meet, your character passes out and you’re out of the game.  Some drinks require a “chaser,” which means you get to take a second drink.  If that second drink requires a chaser, you take another drink..and so on and so on.  You can buy other characters drinks on your turn, and you can have any number of drink cards for your character.

Some of the cards in your character’s deck can be played at any time, some in specific instances and others can only be spent during gambling.  If a player has a card that starts a round of gambling, he or she can play it and everyone antes up a gold piece and play goes around the table, with each player playing any gambling cards they have in their hands (including cards that allow them to cheat) until someone ends the round of gambling.  The person that ends the gambling wins all the gold in the pot.

As you can probably guess, the game is filled with humor and isn’t serious at all and, of course, isn’t meant to be.  Our game took about an hour to play, and it was an hour of fun-filled good times.  As I mentioned before, each of the expansions is don’t need Red Dragon Inn to enjoy Red Dragon Inn 2 and/or Red Dragon Inn 3…each set includes the same set of rules and four characters.  A box includes several gold coins, a play mat and stones for tracking alcohol and fortitude, an action deck and a special deck  or other method to track special abilties for each character and a drink deck.

I can definitely recommend this game!  It looks like it’s kind of hard to locate, but if you can find it you should snatch it up.

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