Argyle & Crew 8 page preview PDF now available

I’ve been talking a lot about Argyle & Crew and posting little bits and pieces of the game here and there.  Now you can download the first 8 pages (right click to download, click to open the PDF in your browser) of the game and see for yourself what this is all about! This is a preview version, and is still under revision.

Argyle & Crew is a cooperative storytelling game which takes place in the land of Skcos!  This is a stand alone game originally designed for parents and children, educators and their students.  I’ve come to find out that lots of adults have very much enjoyed their time with the game!  The game system is completely written and currently going through the editing process.

A public domain version of the game, featuring all public domain artwork, is done. Depending on how the kickstarter project goes, this public domain version or a fully illustrated and professionally designed game will be available for sale soon!  The PDF will be priced at $2.99 and the softcover book, available through Print on Demand services at DriveThruRPG, will be priced as low as possible.

All versions of the game will be Creative Commons licensed to make availability for educators, professionals, and all interested parties hassle free.  That means yes, you can legally share this game.

If you like what you see, please help support this project by visiting the Argyle & Crew Kickstarter project page.  You can pre-order the full game for $3!


I also just happened to finalize the covers for both the print and PDF versions of the game.  (Sans Kickstarting, of course).  Here’s what the print cover will look like:

I’m proud to say that 25% of any money made from the sale of this game will go directly to the Wayne Foundation.

The Wayne Foundation is committed to fighting human trafficking, child prostitution, & child sex exploitation one victim at a time by providing individuals with a safe home environment that will empower them with the tools they will need to stop the cycle of abuse. It is our intent to end commercial sex exploitation within the United States through direct victim assistance, public outreach, and by directly working with those who shape the policies and statutes which impact victims and their abusers.

“We believe that all victims can be rehabilitated through a program that provides education assistance, mental and physical health services, housing, and a support staff who are dedicated to assisting these girls reach their full potential. It is our objective to aid these young women until they are capable of reentering society on their own as happy and healthy adults.”

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