Quick Review: OneDollar Dungeons – Paladin’s Secluded Citadel map pack

If you’re honestly hesitating over spending a buck for this, or any of the other One Dollar Dungeon map packs, please let me put your doubts to rest.  It will be a dollar well spent!

The Paladin’s Secluded Citadel map pack is beautifully constructed, easy to use and with many options for printing, including color, black and white, with or without a grid, you can easily place these maps into your campaign.  Your players will love them, you’ll enjoy not having to work out the next encounter’s map, and you can print them at home with ease using the pre-sliced PDF files.  A bit of scotch tape and you’re good to go.

Another great option with these maps – they include Virtual Table Top systems files, so you can use these maps online with a variety of products.

When I say this is a beautiful map, I mean it.  The colors and design really stand out.  While labelled the paladin’s Secluded Citadel, you could just as easily use this map as the Desert Manor House, or however you see fit. With four stories worth of rooms, there’s plenty to explore.

Easily worth $1.00, I give this map pack 5 out of 5 stars.

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