Creativity and Chaff – or where the hell’s my wheat? Three games that thankfully don’t exist

I’m an idea man. When my mind isn’t otherwise occupied, I tend to drift off into that speculative place where daydream and potentially award winning game mechanics float tantalizingly in front of you, ripe for the picking.  The problem is, when I return with my metaphorical basket of fruit, I find that most of what I’ve gotten are leaves with only the occasional bit of ripe sweetness down towards the bottom.

Since I’m going to be otherwise occupied with real life, family stuff for the next few days, and couldn’t gather my thoughts together well enough to compose a thoughtful and insight provoking post about gaming, I’m going to give you all a glimpse into my head.  Here are a few of my less inspiring ideas, things that came to mind quickly, got a chuckle from my, a quick .txt file and were then discarded or forgotten.  Here are a few that didn’t make the cut.

Protect Your Nuts!

The zombie apocalypse has come.

And gone.

It has taken with it all of humanity.  In the ensuing years, squirrels have become the dominant life form on Earth, forming loose tribal societies and a mystical tradition based around old re-runs of Three’s Company and Mork & Mindy.  Sadly, when a scouting party went to explore a derelict nut processing plant, they must have stumbled on the remains of a zombiefied human, and the disease jumped species.

Now, faced with the threat of a growing army of undead, nut seeking, half-decayed squirrels, it’s up to you to Protect Your Nuts.

Number One, Number Two – A board game for 2-4 players

Each player must complete four errands around town, but everyone suffers from Paruresis, or fear of using public restrooms!

Who will be the first to get their groceries, pick up the dry cleaning, meet the kids at the mall and see the latest super hero flick?  Great fun for the whole family as you play “Supersized Soda” cards on each other and watch as legs are crossed and hilarity ensues!

Addition expansions available are: “Movies Featuring Lots of Water“, “I Just Ate Five $1 Tacos“, and coming just in time for the holidays, ” Amoebic Dysentery“.


 What Lies Between (the Chair and the Keyboard)

Welcome to SupraBigTech, the nations largest technical support clearinghouse!  You’ve just graduated college with a liberal arts degree! Good thing you know a bit about computers, because otherwise you’d be slinging french fries at the local burger joint.  Now you’ve landed a much better, less stressful job of doing in-home tech support!

This rules-lite RPG features five unique classes, including Tech Support MonkeyCult Of Mac Disciple, Bearded Unix Holdover, Open Source Software Zealot and That Person Who Refuses To Learn Anything About Technology Yet Works With Computers All Day Long.

Featuring an exciting list of nearly obsolete skills and a unique “Level Down” system, your group will enjoy hours of fun at the gaming table!  Also enjoy our series of WLB(TC&TK) pre-packaged adventures included with every purchase!

  • Have you Rebooted?
  • This is Unix Son, there is no GUI.
  • Microsoft Office is not an Operating System.
  • Open All the Attachments.
  • Stand In Line For The White Phone

So there’s just a small sampling of a few of the ideas I get while sitting on the train, or wandering through my daily life.  The vast majority get discarded out of hand, some make it to the initial few lines of write up, and even few get beyond that to a few pages or more in a word document.



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