Review: Tome of Horrors Complete (Pathfinder edition)

I have a confession, I have a weakness for monster books.  I know that I’ll never use every monster I have access to, yet I have trouble resisting buying new books.

I also love huge books.  Rulebooks hundreds of pages long are another of my weaknesses.

Combine the two and you have an irresistible recipe that will make me cackle like a madman.  Hence, my purchase of the pdf of the Pathfinder edition of Tome of Horrors Complete.

If you’re familiar with the old Tome of Horrors books from the 3.x era, then you’re already somewhat familiar with the Tome of Horrors Complete.  It takes the three original Tome of Horrors, which were put out by Necromancer Games, updates them into Pathfinder stats and puts them out in one massive book with over 800 pages and 750 statblocks for your monster-loving pleasure.

As a side note, there’s also a version of the book available for Swords & Wizardry, but I don’t have that version.  However, the contents are, from what I understand, pretty much identical except for lair entries for the monsters in the S&W book since statblocks take up less space in that game.  Owners of the Pathfinder version of the book can get these lair and encounter entries for free though.

You may be worried that there will be a lot of duplicated creatures between this book and the two Pathfinder Bestiaries.  Nay, I say!  I only saw a handful of creatures that were duplicated between the books so many of these creatures are brand new to Pathfinder.

I’m generally not a big fan of the black and white art that graces the interior of the book; it tends to run from “OK” down to “ugh, I can’t stand that picture” with a few “hey, that’s pretty good” pieces here and there.  However, that’s a matter of personal taste and in no way diminishes the utility of the book.  Again, if you’re familiar with the old Tome of Horrors series it’s the same art.

The monsters themselves are a varied lot, running the gamut of Challenge Ratings, from CR 1/8 all the way to Lucifer himself who is CR 39.  You get a mix of new creatures and, thanks to the old agreement Necromancer Games had with WotC, converted creatures from older editions of D&D going all the way back to 1st edition AD&D.

Yes, including flumphs.  Oddly however, I haven’t been able to find a single duckbunny in the book.

At the time of this review, the physical book is sold out but runs around $100.  The .pdf is much more reasonably priced at around $30 and comes as a 230ish megabyte .pdf.

So, would I recommend this book as a buy?  Yes.  Absolutely.  I’ve been loving the heck out of it ever since I got it.

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