Knock Your Socks Off – the Creative Commons RPG soundtrack

While I was putting together a video for my Kickstarter Project Argyle & Crew, I realized I needed some music.  That’s when I cast about the internet for Creative Commons licensed tunes and I quickly bumped in to Jamendo – a clearing house for tons of CC licensed music. I’ve spent a few weeks exploring there when I can and I’ve found some truly amazing music.

This prompted me to put together a modern day mix tape with an ear towards role players in general and A&C background music specifically.  Some of these tunes I’d play while my kids were making Soppets, and others I’ve reserved for adult gaming sessions.  Named Knock Your Socks Off, this compilation is free to download and distribute (as long as you abide by the CC License) and is available right now at DriveThruRPG. It features 10 tracks which range from trippy electronic music to a slightly satanic swing band.

Included with the download is an info sheet which lists all ten artist, the type of CC license they’ve used, and where to find the rest of their work. If you like a song, I’d highly encourage you to seek that artist out, get the rest of their music and let them know.

In other Argyle & Crew news, the game has been reviewed over at the Sages of RPG who’ve written some great prose about it.

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