More updates on Argyle & Crew, Aruneus, and other cool stuff

A few updates on, well, just about everything I’m working on!

Starting with Argyle & Crew, there will be a new update posted on the Kickstarter project which features a brief example of play with old people (i.e. anyone not a kid). You can see all of the updates I’ve posted right here.  Speaking of the Kickstarter project, as of this writing it’s at 25%!  In 5 days, that’s very good!  I know it’s coming right at GenCon, so I appreciate anything and everything that people are doing to help me out, whether it’s contributing to the project, spreading the word or cheering me on!

A few quick facts about Argyle & Crew.

  • It will weigh in at over 30 pages and under 50 pages once all of the commissioned artwork and layout is completed.
  • It will cost $2.99 for the PDF and as low as I can get it for the printed version – hopefully $12.99 or less.
  • As long as there are adults around to interpret the rules, kids as young as 4 can play and enjoy the game.
  • It has optional rules to add varying degrees of structure, right up to a lightweight RPG so adults can enjoy it just as much.
  • It features sock puppets heavily.
  • It will be printed with a Creative Commons license, allowing free sharing.
  • It has this ninja in it.

Moving right along, I’d like to point you to some great reviews of existing Aruneus and Pathfinder products I’ve writtenGaming Tonic reviewed six of my PDFs and said some great things about them!

Speaking of previously published Aruneus and Pathfinder works – they’re all on sale for the next few days.  You can get the whole collection for $7.49.  That’s 8 Pathfinder compatible PDFs, seven of which are concerned with Arunes and one print and play board game called Mi Gato se Incendia! (My Cat is on Fire!).

I’m still working heavily in the world of Aruneus.  I’ve got a preview of the Supplicant class for you below (not terribly edited and layout work just started). It’s so fresh, you can see that I haven’t taught word all of my vocabulary yet.  I was able to get a first editorial pass done tonight on it, as well as close to 1,000 words (and one table) in to the Quantamancer class.

That’s where I’m spending most of my free time these days.

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