More Aruneus work – two new classes coming soon!

Two new images from the forthcoming Supplicant class. This class is for use in Pathfinder games, and specifically in the Aruneus setting.

The Supplicant is one of the two new classes to be introduced with the source book.  They are all about using the ambient divine power in the universe to combat the undead. They specialize in this to the point where they can emulate zombies to a startling degree.

Here you’ll find the Supplicant’s BAB progression and special abilities:

And here is the rough of the actual cover:

I’m currently working on the cover and doing some initial layout work for the class itself. This class will be bundled in a PDF with the Quantamancer class – another new Pathfinder/Aruneus class which can manipulate reality to their advantage.

Aruneus is a high fantasy setting which has experienced an apocalyptic undead uprising. The game setting takes place 100 years after the event, as societies are just pulling themselves back from the brink of extinction.

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