Movie Review: Captain America

I know we normally don’t do movie reviews here at Troll in the Corner but if you would be so kind as to indulge me for this article, I would appreciate it.

After work on Friday I caught the earliest possible showing of the latest offering in the so-far-excellent series of Marvel movies.  I speak, of course, of Captain America:  The First Avenger.

I was worried about this movie.  I had, so far, really loved all the Marvel movies that have come out since Iron Man was released.  However, from all the promos and still shots and movie set reports, I had this gnawing fear in my gut that was telling me that I was not going to enjoy this movie much.

I’m glad to report that I was wrong.   This is definitely one of my top three Marvel comic adaptation movies.   I love practically everything about it.  I know, glowing praise bordering on hyperbole but in this case it’s spot on.

The performances in this movie were top-notch.  Chris Evans does an extremely good job as Steve Rogers/Captain America.  Tommy Lee Jones is pure win and awesome in here.  Halyey Atwell, who plays Peggy Carter is just..she’s so..I don’t know elegant yet tough, perhaps, but I absolutely loved her in this movie.  And Hugo Weaving gives a great performance as the Red Skull, though I feel his performance was perhaps the weakest of the movie.  Even the secondary roles, such as Dr. Erskine, are excellent.

Though the movie is rated PG-13, it’s more on the border of PG and PG-13.  There’s not much in the way of foul language, only two kiss scenes and neither of them overtly sexual, and really only one scene that is somewhat graphic violently and it’s rather quick.  There are disentegrations, but they are fairly quick and definitely bloodless.  There are quite a few scenes with gunplay, but again, this is done without copious amounts of blood.

Of course, the real question is, will fans of the comic like this movie?  Possibly with the exception of a change they made to Bucky Barnes, yes I think they will.  There’s a lot of bits and pieces that fans of the comic series that will make you squee, such as the inclusion of Cap’s original shield design, a more traditional costume than the armored/padded look you’re likely familiar with from the trailers and a few references to “socking Hitler in the jaw.”  As with most of the Marvel movies, the great Stan Lee has a great cameo in here.  I always enjoy Stan Lee’s performance for the whole 2 seconds he’s on screen in these things.

The special effects are great and, with a couple of exceptions, you can’t tell what was CGI and what was not.  As a disclaimer,  I did not see the 3D version of the movie, but I’ve heard the 3D is not that great here.  I can not, however, verify that statement.

Oh, and perhaps more than any of the other movies Marvel has released, make sure to stick around after the credits.  It may well make you squee.

The bottom line is:  Should you see this movie if you are a fan of comic books and Captain America in particular?  Yes, definitely.  Also, it was accessible enough that my non-comics-fan wife enjoyed it too (though not to the extent that I did).

It also makes me want to work up a Parahuman WWII sourcebook.  Just sayin’.

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  1. I seriously have to disagree. I thought the CG was terrible at times with some really, really bad green screen effects. The detonating Hydra facility with the catwalk overlooking it really stood out as one of the worst. I also thought that it took some directorial cop-outs (Montage ALL the things!) and the fight choreography was pathetic, featuring shield/punch/kick and then the enemy gets YANKED backwards on a cable rather than the actor falling back or looking like he was pushed back. I liked the IDEA of the movie, and I look forward to The Avengers with Cap leading the team, but I thought this was a big disservice to an action movie, and was more, “A Brief History of Captain America”.


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