Cool things afoot for Argyle & Crew

Argyle & Crew has been coming right along as I continue to work on the PDF, adding a bit here, changing a word there. As of this writing, the Kickstarter project is at 24% after four days of being active. That’s really incredible!  A huge thanks to everyone who’s pledged!

I’ve been talking about Argyle & Crew with lots of people in the gaming community online.  It was a very pleasant surprise then to wake up Saturday morning and find that the game was being highlighted on Wired Magazine’s Geek Dad column.

That day, the family got together to make some Soppets and create a quick story called “Curse of the Socktopus!”  Many thanks to Buddy from this site for Socktopus inspiration! It was a lot of fun, and we recorded some audio and video of the game. The sound quality isn’t the best unfortunately, but it also wasn’t canned, so we couldn’t go back and re-record it.

And here’s the actual play Audio:


The kids had a great time.  My youngest formally adopted the Socktopus and has had it in her bed ever since.

I’m always on the lookout for anyone who’d like to review this, or help spread the word at GenCon.  I’m happy to send off the Argyle & Crew preview PDF, which is the entire game, just not quite finished yet in the editing, art and layout department. Once the final product is completed, I’ll get a copy of that off to reviewers as well, and folks going to GenCon who will help spread the word about the game will also receive their own, finished PDF at no cost.


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