Bookstores: Talk to me about your favorites!

As you may have heard, Borders will be closing the rest of their stores. The small store here in my town, which had previously been a Waldenbooks, has been closed for a while now. The bigger stores in Louisiana will go now, of course, as well. On the level that every book addict hates to see one less place for a hit, I’m sorry to see the chain go. A quick memory of Borders that will stay with me: in February 1999 I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting the flagship store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. First, if you are a book lover – Ann Arbor is very nearly paradise. The things that stick in my mind are strange; that store had a sign that said, “Dogs welcome!” I don’t often think of myself as a bayou girl, but that one made me feel provincial.

Let’s talk about independent bookstores. One of the stranger things I collect is bookmarks; a couple of years or so on Facebook I asked people to send me bookmarks from their favorite independent stores. I got some cool stuff out of that, and heard of some new places!

Two of my favorite places:

There’s a little store in Houston, Texas called Murder by the Book. If you’re a mystery fan, prepare to spend hours! They have new and used books, and while I haven’t been there lately, I know that they have some imported books from the UK as well. Since I love UK book covers, that always goes over well. Murder by the Book keeps up an incredible schedule of signings; check their author appearance page to see what they have going.

When I visit the UK, we always take a day to go to London to the bookshops. The first place we stop is a comics shop called Gosh! This is an easy place to blow a budget. It’s a small shop, filled to bursting with graphic novels, kids books, and comics filed by issue in the basement.

This is just a starter – tell me, where do you like to shop? And do they have bookmarks?

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