Argyle & Crew Kickstarter project launched! Pre-order the “sock puppet RPG” PDF for just $3

This morning the Kickstarter project for Argyle & Crew launched!

Welcome to the magical land of Skcos, where anything can happen and it often does! Skcos is a world full of amazing adventures, where mystical creatures await you and the only limit is your own imagination!

The land of Skcos is inhabited by all manner of things, but primarily its inhabitants belong to a race of ever changing, always interesting creatures called Soppets.  Soppets are a magical breed of intelligent, funny, thrill seeking socks.

Yes, you read that correctly. Socks. Soppets start off as simple socks, laying about the land with little purpose and less life. It takes the creativity and individuality of a person to give a Soppet life.

If you’re looking for some more information, follow the link below to the Kickstarter page, or head here to the Argyle & Crew page.

A few highlights from the project

  • Pre-order the PDF for just $3.
  • $5 gets you the pre-order and early access to the game as a PDF in progress.
  • The game is completely developed, has been play tested many times, edited and most importantly, approved by kids and adults.
  • A complete system, with no need to purchase anything additional.  All you need to play are a few socks, note cards and magic markers.
  • This will be released with a Creative Commons license allowing it to be distributed by educators, professionals and interested parties without legal restrictions, so long as the CC license stipulations are followed.
  • 25% of the proceeds of all sales will go directly to the Wayne Foundation –  dedicated to  fighting human trafficking, child prostitution, & child sex exploitation one victim at a time.
  • Custom dice created by the amazing Dicecreator.
  • Custom dice bags by the Ennie nominated and exceedingly cool  Dragon Chow Dice Bags.


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