Argyle & Crew – Soppet Adventures in the Land of Skcos

It’s official – Land of Skcos has finally gotten it’s proper name.  Argyle & Crew – Soppet Adventures!  The game still takes place in the land of Skcos but I feel the new name is just all around better. Easier to remember, rolls off the tongue, no pronunciation problems.

So, we all know this game uses sock puppets to facilitate storytelling and in the RPG portion, as a character sheet.  Clearly Argyle and Crew are types of socks.  But just who are Argyle & Crew in relation to the land of Skcos?  Here’s the (so far only partially edited) story I concocted last night to explain who they are.

The story of Argyle & Crew

Listen young ones to a tale as old as time in this land of Skcos. Gaze in to the fire, as the sky grows darker, and the woods are outlined by the setting sun. Let that most powerful magic of the land, your imagination, run within you! I, Bertold, Keeper of Soppet Secrets, shall tell you one of those very secrets now.

This is the secret given to us by two of the greatest Soppets to ever live. Argyle and her most trusted friend Crew. They were among the first Soppets to awaken, as you just have. Their story is one that all Soppets should know. Theirs is the secret of courage and bravery.

We have as many different kinds of Soppets among us as there are stars reflected in half-moon pond. Argyle, though, came from a very special place in that other world, before she made the journey to Skcos.

You see, Argyle was from a very old family, who kept their socks for a very long time before the ever parted with them. Before she took her journey in the Great Washing Machine, she had been with her family for sixty seven years and two months. Argyle was nothing if not well travelled.

In that time, she had been worn over many miles of walking, sewn up and patched countless times, and came to be perhaps the most colorful sock in that other world.

Perhaps that is why she was chosen by the Great Washing Machine to be one of the first of our kind.  Or perhaps it was simply that the old magic was ready to make a change.

The world she awoke to was lonely, cold and without a single star to guide her, or a single road to follow. There were no mountains to see, no birds to hear, nothing but hard ground to feel and only a little of the faintest light.

For a great, long time she simple huddled in to herself and shivered, convinced that she would never hear a friendly voice, or travel through green fields again.

It was there, in the middle of her worst and darkest thoughts that the image of a green field flew in to her mind. This thought refused to go away, and begged for attention like an excited fox.

She smiled slightly, and crinkled her button eyes ever so little at the thought of the cool grass waving around her, the smell of the dirt below and the air above and the sound of the wind through the distant trees.

Happier with this thought in her mind, she realized that she had found something within her that she had never had before, when she was just a sock. Argyle found that buried deep within her mind, sitting still and quiet like a frightened mouse, was her imagination.

She had never used her imagination before. Looking around her at the cold and empty world, she was frightened of thinking about something so different.

Argyle was nothing if not full of courage, which is when a Soppet is able to do things they have to, but don’t want to, mainly because this thing is scary to them.

She pictured in her mind the green fields all around her, with warm sunlight to keep her company and green grass to rest on.  She shut her eyes as tightly as they would shut, and in her mind, she imagined the green field all around her. When she had this field in her mind just the way she wanted it, she poked her imagination quickly from behind, where it wasn’t expecting it. Suddenly she imagined this field all around her and in her mind she could see it all!

As her eyes were still shut she could not see around her, but she felt the most amazing and soothing warmth. Her body rested on something soft and springy and she could clearly smell the dirty and wonderful smell of the ground beneath her.

Opening her eyes, Argyle discovered that in this new land, she had new powers in her mind and her imagination, and she could use these powers to make wonderful things happen!

For the next few hours, Argyle sat and imagined all of the amazing things you and I could think of. She had a dinner made entirely out of sugar cookies, a cat who could sing lullabies, six hundred and twenty seven different kinds of paper airplanes and a juice cup that could say all of her favorite poems, which she had to make up on the spot. Argyle was nothing if not full of imagination.

Despite all of these things she imagined into the world, she began to realize that she was still alone, and this made her sad once again. Try as she might, she couldn’t imagine another Soppet in to the world.

At this very same time, while paper airplanes and singing cats were popping into the world with a noise like a million soap bubbles crashing in to each other, another Soppet was just beginning to awaken nearby.

He opened his eyes, and looked down on himself to see a plain, white sock. He was a crew sock, freshly bought and freshly washed and then just as freshly plopped into the land of Skcos. He didn’t have any memories to remember or a name to go by, so he called himself Crew and thought he was a rather plain fellow.

Just as he decided on a name for himself and started to look around, he heard the most amazing thing! It sounded to him like singing cats, talking cups, whooshing paper airplanes and a whole mix of other noises! Underneath them all though, was the sound of someone being quietly sad.

Without another thought through his head, Crew jumped up and walked directly towards the singing cats, talking cups and a cloud of swooping paper airplanes. Someone was sad, and he would do nothing until he at least tried to give them some happiness.

Argyle was a courageous Soppet alright, and no other Soppets may have yet matched her courage, but Crew, he had something else just as special. Crew was brave, which is when a Soppet does their best to help other Soppets, even if they must find their way through strangeness and spookiness to do so.

Crew arrived next to Argyle, and ever so gently, gave her the lightest of pats on her head.

And that changed everything for them, for us, and for any Soppet who will ever awaken in the land of Skcos.

Crew in that moment of bravery walked through singing cats, talking cups and the whole group of six hundred and twenty seven paper airplanes and did the bravest thing he had done so far. He found a sad stranger, and offered to be a friend.

Argyle, as courageous as ever, took Crew’s friendship when it was offered, even though she had never met him or another Soppet before.

Together they imagined a whole world of adventures and the most magical of places! When other Soppets arrived and opened their eyes for the first time, they found themselves in green meadows, or on majestic purple mountains. They heard birds singing, Soppets playing and the sound of a perfectly cool stream splashing away in the warm sunlight.

Oh, Argyle and Crew had a million other adventures themselves, to be sure. Remind me some time to tell you about the day they tricked a dragon in to turning itself into a rabbit!  But that is a story for another time.

While the two of them did many courageous and brave deeds, the greatest thing they did was use imagination to make this world better, and their courage and bravery to form a friendship. With that, they had someone else to share a better world with!

Truly, Argyle and Crew were nothing if they were not friends.

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