Bones in the Flow: Luminous by Dawn Metcalf

It was a regular day for sixteen year old Consuela Chavez. She was at the mall, trying on some jeans – and then she was in a chair, a little confused, a little lightheaded, and definitely embarrassed. When she put it together, she’d gotten a terrific attack of vertigo while talking to the sales clerk. Several people rushed to help her, her equilibrium was restored, and she made it home.

There was no explanation for what happened. Consuela wishes her best friend had not left town for the weekend, and after a call to the doctor, her mother has given her two ibuprofen and has instructions to bring her in the next morning if things have not improved.

Consuela goes off to the bath, and things get interesting. She presses on the soft flesh at the base of her skull, and finds that she can remove her skin – just like a suit of clothes.

She’s left with a suit of bones, and this is her entry into the Flow. The Flow is a neat twist on alternate reality; it’s a parallel reality that’s a temporary visiting place. The people who come through the Flow have different abilities, and their directive is to stop people from dying before their time. Each person who comes into the Flow has their own way of doing so.

The Watcher, who runs the “agents” in the Flow, reads like something straight out of a horror film. You’ll be surprised at the speed with which you look past her appearance and focus on her mission. With Consuela’s appearance in the Flow, The Watcher can no longer ignore the fact that something is wrong and everyone is on high alert.

Someone or something is stalking those in the Flow. Consuela, as Bones, has a mission.

Luminous is Dawn Metcalf’s first novel.

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