The State of Aruneus

Hello again!  It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down and talked Aruneus, zombies and where I am in the production of this source book.  I’m a bit overdue.

The long and short of it is, I took a two month hiatus from the project, for a variety of reasons I’ll get in to in just a little bit. But before I get in to all of that, let’s start of with the good news (there really isn’t any bad news either!) When last I talked about the Aruneus universe, Mirkmoot’s second magical item compendium had just been launched and Mirkmoot had been officially added to the Aruneus book.  He’s out and about, doing his thing and you can find him right here.  Next up:

( Click any of the pictures to make them larger and more formidable.) At long last, the next installment in the Aruneus PDFs is just about ready for publication!  The Herbology of Aruneus will be arriving in a day or two.  It features a new type of magical item, the Elixir, as well as a study of six magical plants with a variety of interesting properties that can by use by, for and against your party of adventurers.  The Herbology features artwork by our youngest contributor, Hayley, who was 13 at the time she created the watercolors for this PDF.

Now, on to why I took the hiatus, and what’s going on with the rest of Aruneus.

It wasn’t really planned, but a number of things lined up to make me want to take a break.  First, I was weary!  The day job had taken over much more of my life, and as the dude writing down all this stuff, I needed a change of pace.  When a completely unrelated idea (you can read more about that here) popped in to my head of its own accord, I decided to take a few weeks and work on that. This was just the kind of break I needed. I was still feeling creative but wasn’t creating a broken, barren, undead dominated world.

The next factor was that two of my go to people, who really help with my creative drive, suddenly found themselves diverted and doing different things – out of necessity, and of no fault of their own.

Add to that my key artist finding himself with a third child (congrats Tim!) and well, there was no new material flowing in to me, and not as many people to bounce my own ideas off of as I was used. to.  So that’s that.  Now I’ve gotten a huge chunk of my other project done, and done to my satisfaction so I’m returning to Aruneus recharged and ready to go!

A work in progress are the two new classes. The Supplicant class is finished (some rough artwork for this featured above) and I’m really excited about them.  What better way to fight the undead than taking the ambient energy of the divine that is enmeshed within the cosmos and using it to kick some undead ass?

Along with the Supplicant class, the Quantamancers are getting started.  I don’t have much more than my notes prepared, but the class is essentially laid out in my head and just needs to make it to paper, where it can be beaten about and broken until it works.

Let’s not forget the Gods of Aruneus now either.  This will feature artwork from Seth Kumpf and will go in to depth about the missing gods of Aruneus, as well as have a few new surprises in the way of divine magic and power.  That’s just a rough of the cover, by the way.  This work is coming along nicely, but there’s still a lot to do.

Lastly, there are the two adventures.  The Haunted Mine sits in a state of near completion. It’s about eighty percent written and 25 percent illustrated.  This is the introductory, 1st level adventure for the World of Aruneus. It’s been played many times now, run by myself and a few others. I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback on it and it’s ready to go, as soon as I get it ready to go that is.

The second adventure has been played twice now, and all of the notes are in place. I’d put it at about 25% done with only about 10% of the artwork there for it, but it’s started!

There will be a few other additions to the final product as well, which won’t make their way in to PDF format before the final release, and which I won’t be talking about much until they’re ready to go.

I was also planning on having an atlas of some sort, with an overview of the world and a few more detailed maps.  At this point I’m not sure if that will be possible. I had, at one point or another, several folks working on this but they all seem to have faded away.

I’ll leave you with a gallery of art for the game, some new, some old.  Enjoy!


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