Land of Skcos is a working title – what should the finished game be called?

I’m not entirely happy with the name Land of Skcos – it doesn’t really roll of the tongue, it will probably confound people trying to spell it in a search, and no one knows how to pronounce Skcos.  It’s “skaws”, by the way.

So please let me know what you think about these other title ideas.  Any reference to the Amazing Machine is to the first clothes washing machine, which sent the first sock to Skcos to become the first soppet.  If that’s what I go with, I’ll be putting in a bit of fiction to support this title so it has more meaning to the game.

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If you have other suggestions, or want to discuss this, please leave comments!  I’m truly interested in what you have to say.  If you don’t know what the hell we’re talking about – here are the other posts on the Land of Skcos.

A quick note – the polls won’t update with results immediately.

9 thoughts on “Land of Skcos is a working title – what should the finished game be called?

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  1. Given that you’re looking for an “eye-grabbing” name, something that makes someone at least curious enough to pick up a book or click a link AND isn’t cumbersome to say…

    I’d go with “SOCKS”; it’s (obviously) thematically appropriate, then a subtitle like “Soppets & the Amazing Machine” would personally get me interested enough to take a glance.

    Hope that helped!


  2. I like a combination of some of the listed possibilities. Specifically:

    SOCKS: Adventures Afoot

    It makes the “Afoot” pun clearer (I like the play on words there), it uses the obvious SOCKS reference, and it gets Adventure into the name. You want people to know that this is something involving adventure and socks and whimsy. Hence my suggestion.

    If the game becomes popular, it’s easy to refer to it by the short name SOCKS. And for people coming across it for the first time, the longer name (though still not too long) clarifies that this involves adventure and communicates a bit of the tone.

    Good luck with it!


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