What writing an RPG looks like to my computer

Any RPG, even a small, rules-lite one like Land of Skcos, has bunches and bunches of elements to it.  Drafts, images, edits, PDF tests to see if the layout is sane and .txt files with random email address shoved in to them.

At least, that’s how mine look.

This may be some people’s version of a little, nasty, icon based hell but it works really well for me. Actually, it’s a pretty good visual representation of the inside of my mind at any given time.

Everything is there.  Earlier drafts, the ones where Word was being wonky and where my concepts weren’t fully developed.  But they still contain leftover bits that I can pick over and re-use if I can make them shiny and bright enough.  Images, lots of images there.  Originals, GIMP or Photoshop manipulated images, and various stages in between.  You’ll note my three folders in the upper left as a meek offering to the gods of organization.  Inside there it looks worse.  Far, far worse.  There are nightmares in there, but I’ll save them for a game that doesn’t play for little kids.

I like having the ability to reach into this folder and pick out what I need. Most of this I do through context menus inside other programs anyway – so shoving various stuff into various folders actually increases the time it takes me to reach it.

And as any person who’s ever made anything with their hearts in it knows, in those few moments of real inspiration, every second counts!  Which is why it was 110% Complete Suck when my computer died about 1 week in to this project.  That meant using my wife’s laptop. Which meant she couldn’t use it.  Which actually meant, I didn’t use it all that much because, well it’s her laptop.

Last night was my first full night of productivity on my newly rebuilt desktop. And it was amazing!  So amazing that I finished and now I’m really tired and writing run-on sentences and dropping commas enough to give Nick fits.

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