Great Snori Pines

Since I was up to a ridiculous hour last night finishing up the beta version of Land of Skcos, I don’t have much energy to post a ton today.  I will post one of the late additions to the game though – a poem which is featured in one of the scenarios for children.

Speaking of working late and beta versions, it’s not to late to become a beta reader for Land of Skcos. There’s still a week left until I need beta reader’s feedback.  If you’re interested, contact me!

Great Snori Pines

Have you ever heard tell of the Great Snori Pine?
A tree that grows exceedingly tall and fine.
It is only found in the northernmost parts
Where the summers end, and the winters start.
The folks who live in the falling snow
Know exactly where the Great Snori Pine grows
They wait in the forest and look for signs
That they are in the presence of the Great Snori Pine.
You see, it’s unlike any other tree
The Great Snori Pine, it yearns to be free.
It has great roots which go deep in the ground
But they also help the Great Snori Pine move around.
They pop out of the earth with a startling creak
And through the snowy woods the trees streak.
And the folks who live in the falling snow,
who know exactly where the Great Snori Pine grows,
Wait with their ropes and their wooden sleighs,
For they know the Great Snori Pine’s ways.
They let out their whoops and they let out their cries
And they throw their ropes as the trees run by
And once their ropes snag in the branch,
The Great Snori Pines, they don’t stand a chance.
They sit quietly, and pretend to be trees,
Who don’t have quite as many knees.
But the folks who live in the falling snow,
Know exactly where the Great Snori Pine grows.
They herd them, grow them and water them fine
With sweet apple cider, and snow melt divine.
For they use the trees in the cold winter days
To pull through the snow their wooden sleighs.
Occasionally, maybe once every fifth year,
A Great Snori Pine quietly sneaks clear
Of the sleighs and the snow and the quiet wood
Where the Great Snori Pine once silently stood.
They like to head south, if they can get free
To run around the world like no other tree.
Occasionally, if you’re out for a walk in the wood,
You may want to stop and listen real good.
Is that really the wind moving through the trees?
Or is it the creaking of the Great Snori Pine’s knees?

The scenario involves the players attempting to recapture a rogue pine tree, and can be played inside or even better, outdoors.

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