Parahuman Preview: Emerald

(Note:  This part of the book is still in heavy development; some info may change..)


Real Name:  Jennifer Ramirez

Affilliation:  New Dallas SPPF Parahuman Division

Age:  28

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 123lb

History:  Jennifer Ramirez was born to Dallas police officer Edwardo Ramirez and small-business owner Jessica Stiles, and hails from a long line of police officers.  Her grandfather was a Dallas police officer and her great-grandfather was a Mexican federale.

Jennifer’s maternal grandmother manifested minor Parahuman abilities; she could change the color of nearby lights.  It was through her mother’s line that Jennifer inherited the P-factor.  Jennifer’s mother never exhibited any Parahuman abilities of her own.

Jennifer’s life was forever altered at the age of 12.  On October 12, 1983, Jennifer and her older brother, Edward were riding in the back seat of her mother’s car when a semi lost control and veered into oncoming traffic, crashing into their car.  Her mother was badly injured and rendered comatose and younger brother was seemingly thrown from the vehicle. Jennifer miraculously was left with only a broken arm, bad bruises, and a few broken ribs.

Jennifer had been rescued by a man she would later come to see as a mentor, Darius Blackheart, who worked with Jennifer’s father on the Dallas Police force.

It was during her stay in the hospital that Jennifer discovered she could manifest Parahuman abilities; she could control light and even generate it in whatever color she desired.  She continued to practice with these powers throughout and eventually learned to produce coherent light beams, fly and produce short, controlled bursts of light.

Jennifer’s mother never recovered.  With Jessica’s medical bills mounting, Jennifer and her father were forced to move to a less-expensive neighborhood, settling in South Dallas mere weeks before the Dallas Incident took out most of downtown, including the hospital her mother was in.

When she was old enough, Jennifer joined the academy and became a police officer like her father, but serving on the SPPF Parahuman Division, with her superior officer being the man that saved her life, Darius Blackheart.  More recently, she has become involved with race car driver and Parahuman hero, Pulse.

Powers and Abilities:  Emerald can control the ambient level of light in an area, can produce coherent light beams (lasers) as well as force fields.  She can fly at extremely fast speeds and can create flashes capable of dazzling foes.  She has been trained by the SPPF in police tactics and weaponry, and in the field she carries a sidearm though she prefers to use her powers.

GM Notes:  Jessica and Edward did not die.  Edward lived, but was severely injured and made his life on the streets as his memory was wiped out by the accident.  When he reached the age of majority, he volunteered to allow StaxxTech to operate on him, replacing most of his damaged organs and limbs with state-of-the-art technology.  Her mother, meanwhile, suffered brain damage while comatose, awakening just before the Dallas Incident with manifested Parahuman powers of her own.  Further pushed over the edge by the Dallas Incident, Jessica became the Parahuman terrorist known as Mirage, leader of Enigma.  Because of Enigma’s dealings with StaxxTech, she is aware that Edward is the Parahuman known as Cyber, but Edward seems to not recognize her.  Meanwhile, Jessica seems only dimly aware that the Parahuman officer Emerald is really her daughter.

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