Con Report: Origins 2011 – Day 3

There is only one problem that I can really pinpoint about what I’ve been doing at Origins this year: there is so much cool stuff that has happened each day that it is very difficult to sit here after only 6-ish hours of sleep, trying to remember what happened, and in what order. Still, that’s a fantastic problem to have as it means that the convention has been a rousing success thus far.

You’ll Always Be Surprised

I started off my Friday of Origins 2011 by walking to the Media Room to write me recap of Day 2 of Origins 2011. (There might be too much recursion in talking about writing a previous post when writing my current post, but I’ll brave it). The notable event of that morning was my introduction to Square Shooters, a dice games that seeks to replicate a deck of cards on 9 large six-sided dice. I had seen signs for it around the convention, but I was skeptical. After all, why couldn’t you just pull  out a deck of cards, I thought. But two of the GAMA Media Liaisons had gotten a copy and wanted to try it out.

It was surprisingly good. I’ll be doing a full write-up of the game once I find the time (hopefully this next week), and I summarily went to their booth to grab a copy to review. I didn’t expect to find something that good in a card/dice game, so color me impressed by the product.

Following that (and some lunch), I got some interview time with Angus and Dominick from Cubicle 7, the folks responsible for the Dr. Who RPG and an upcoming game called The One Ring, which looks like the first RPG set in Tolkein’s Middle-Earth that I actually want to play. The proofs of the book they had with them look gorgeous (and I mean stunningly, brilliantly gorgeous), and the system looks like it’s something I could get behind for a Lord of the Rings game. I’ll be posting the interview (again), as soon as I get the chance so to do.

Smart People Doing Cool Stuff

The rest of my day was basically meeting and talking to people who very handily fall under the heading above. I observed a playtest of a Thief: Dark Project-inspired tabletop RPG that Will Hindmarch is working on, I got a chance to interview Jason Morningstar, the brains behind Fiasco, and I got to play in a late-night playtest of Technoir, by Jeremy Keller, which still has a few days left in its Kickstarter. And all throughout those experiences, I got to talk to a ton of cool, amazing, weird and downright smart people who are doing cool stuff. If there is a better way to sum up what Origins 2011 has been for me thus far, I don’t want to hear about it.

Today it looks like it will be more of the same. I have zero room to complain.

Short recap, I know, but I have to get back down to the convention center so more awesome can happen. Find me on Twitter if you want more details.

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