To Creative Commons or not to Creative Commons

That is the question, and sorry Will for doing that to your work*.  But then, I couldn’t have done that really, without correct attribution, and without Will’s work being in the public domain.   In fact, I could publish an entire Shakespeare play here without fear of reprisal, as the plays themselves are in the public domain.

Using a Creative Commons license puts my work in to that same public domain, with some restrictions on it.  Using the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) license (and click that for a human readable FAQ) is where I think I’m heading with this project.

There’s a strong educational component to this, and I believe that giving teachers the ability to copy this and use it as they see fit is the right thing to do.  I also believe that getting the word out about my project is probably one of the best sources of advertising I have.  It also gives potential consumers a chance to check it out before they buy it.  That includes the before mentioned teachers.

I think Adam Jury makes a ton of great points in his post: Creative Commons: (Part of) Why We Give Our Games Away – talking about Eclipse Phase and their strategy for releasing it as a Creative Commons title.

I don’t know that my title will be as popular as Eclipse Phase – honestly I could only hope it would.  But I’m going to make it an open title so that as many people as possible can choose to enjoy it if they will.

Should you choose to purchase it, the PDF will be $2.99.  A hard copy, most likely a paperback, will be under $13 if I can at all help it.  Considerably less if there’s a way.  That I won’t  be able to fully investigate until I’ve fleshed out the project and gotten a handle on exactly how long it will be.

Since you’ve been kind enough to read on this far, I’ve included a snippet from the first scratchings of the 2nd draft along with an image from the book.

Jim: Oh no! We’re going to start this thing whether we want to or not! Hmm.  What are we wearing anyway?

Nancy: Richard, you see that you’re wearing a white outfit, with tan pants and boots. You have on a thick, white belt chock full of strange tools.  Mrs. Scintillator, you have on a white outfit as well, almost like a long robe, and you’re carrying some kind of strange, black, very large assault rifle.

Jim: What the…?

Nancy: You both see the curtain slide back and suddenly the stage lights get brighter.  You can see the first few rows of the audience and there are lots of Soppets looking expectantly at you.

Tina: Woah. What are we supposed to do Richard?

Nancy: Suddenly from stage right there comes a very loud pounding from behind the door and you hear several voices saying things like “open up!”

*quote bastardized from an original work by William Shakespeare

4 thoughts on “To Creative Commons or not to Creative Commons

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  1. I think it’s great that you’re doing a CC on this. And I think it’s even greater still that you’re going the edutainment route. So few people view RPGs as a valid form of education, but children use it up until they get to high school to learn and interact with their environments, getting to know what happens when certain things go certain ways, what you can and can not do.

    Keep up the good work!

    Also, a sight a ways from Aruneus, huh?


  2. I know *of* Creative Commons, but otherwise wasn’t familiar with the application of it. This helps (particularly as applied to education)…

    I continue to think you’ll see wide educational support for this — I think upper elementary levels, but lower may surprise me. 🙂


  3. Hey Blake,

    Thanks! I’m really hoping that this game/learning tool will appeal to a broad audience – from school kids and teachers to convention going, play three times a week gamers.

    Yes, it’s a far cry from Aruneus, which is a project I’m still embroiled in! I just need to take a creative break for a bit. All of the 4-5 remaining Aruneus docs are in various stages of completion.

    Ashley, you’ve seen the various stages and incarnations this game has gone through and you don’t consider yourself a gamer. This is encouraging to me that you’re enjoying this!



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