Sand and Steam – A New Campaign Setting

I’m filling in for Buddy today, and I decided to take this opportunity to tell you all about the campaign setting that I am beginning to publish. I talked about it, in a manner of speaking, a couple of weeks ago when I posted the short story that one of my players wrote as a recap of a game session set in that world. If you missed it, the story is right here.

This campaign setting focuses on one city, a techno-magical city named Kage (pronounced Ka-Shey). Kage is located in the middle of a vast and broken desert called the Wracked Lands and is heavily defended by the high black walls that surround it. You might find yourself wondering why in the world anyone would want to live in such a place, let alone trek two hundred miles across a desert to get to such a place. The answer is: the magic.

Kage is run by the Collegium, a training ground for wizards and producer of some of the finest magical goods and services that can be found anywhere in the world. The creations of Collegium mages are highly sought after and as Kage stands neutral in any conflict between political powers, it is not uncommon for representatives of various nation to come to the City of Shadows to seek advantage for their cause in the form of magical armaments. As well, the engineers of the Collegium work to combine craftsmanship and artifice with magic, resulting in firearms, magical conveyances and wonders never before seen on this plane of existence.

However, Kage has many dark aspects to its nature, all of them seeming to extend down from the heights of the towers of the Collegium. The Masked Council rules the city with ruthlessness and efficiency. Anyone stepping outside of the bounds set by those powerful arch-mages faces swift and sure punishment from the many servants of the Council. Indeed, things are so regimented that even passage between the various districts and wards of the city is governed by the possession of the proper forms of identification.

This oppression has created a burgeoning lower class that lives in the caverns, tunnels and old construction that lie under the upper levels of the city. The growth of Kage is bound by the walls that have definied it since its inception. Due to those restrictions, as much (if not more) building has occurred below the city than above ground. Though tower rise into the skies all across Kage, they pale in comparison to the vast Undercity. There you will find foundries, smeltworks, derelict machinery and, among it all, the marginalized dregs of society.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Kage and want to have access to setting information as it is released, then you need to head here:

The Sand and Steam blog is the main source of information for the setting, and it is where all of my updates will be posted. All of the content for Sand and Steam is freely available under the Creative Commons Share-Alike, Non-Commercial 3.0 License. In addition to posting the information on the blog, I will be continually providing links to Google Docs of the setting files so you can easily use them at home if you’d like. Finally, though the setting itself is system-neutral, I hope to eventually publish information for using the setting in Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and FATE.

This is an exciting prospect for me, so please check out the Sand and Steam blog for more updates. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming here on TitC.

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