The Devil’s Six Gun – New Comic Series from Image

If I’ve not made it clear before, I love the Deadlands campaign setting for Savage Worlds. Ever since I was introduced to it by the lovely folks over at The Gamer’s Haven (thanks to their actual play sessions of it), I have been hooked. Well, I recently found out about a new series of one-shot comic from Image that are, wonderfully, Deadlands comics.

I got a chance to read an advance copy of of the first one, titled: The Devil’s Six Gun. Written by David Gallaher, and with art by Steve Ellis, the comic tells the story of a mad scientist and his journey from young, idealistic inventor to dispenser of vengeful justice. Here’s a quick peak:

I love the visual style of it, and I love the story it tells. Too often, in my opinion, we forget about the journey that characters in RPGs take to become who they are. We just make a badass PC or NPC and leave it at that. This comic takes you down the path of this man’s history and leaves you with a good idea of what made him the man he became.

As well, the last pages of the comic give you actual game information that will let you use elements of the story in your own Deadlands game. a really nice touch that I fully support.

The comic comes out on June 15th and is the first of a series of stories. I highly recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for them; these look like they’re going to be good.

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