A Push From Behind – Meet the Probability Angels

About a year ago, I started following this man on Twitter. It was one of those near-random occurrences that happens when someone follow you, you follow them back because they look interesting and it’s turns out that they are an agent for an independently-published author. I know, right? Happens every day.

Well, I eventually took some time and began checking out Joseph’s work and I even convinced him to send me a copy of of his first book, Probability Angels. I had read some of the shorter works that he had done on his website and I figured that I might enjoy the book enough to want to review it.

Well, it turns out I was right.

Now, this isn’t the formal review, (I’m saving that for a different venue), bu I did want to take a bit of your time and let you all know about the books he has written. See, this has almost become sort of a personal favor from me to Joseph, as we’ve gotten to know each other and have begun working on some gaming stuff together. I really like what he is trying to do as an independent author and I want to help him succeed.

So let me say this: I really enjoyed his books. I finished the first one in a matter of days, and the second one isn’t done yet only because real life has intruded far too much recently. The general premise of the books is this: in every moment of greatness that one of us human manages to accomplish, there has been someone behind us, pushing us, digging into the dark parts of our lives, deepening our souls and helping us tap into the best “us” that we can become. These beings are known as Testers and they used to be human, once upon a time. But somewhere along the line, they made a couple of choices that changed them, set them apart. Joseph’s books tell their stories.

I hope that quick description did them justice, because I think these books are worth reading. I will point out that his writing style is less than conventional, so if you’re a grammar nut, you might want to steer clear. But if you can see through that and get into the narrative and meet the characters (and it does feel like you really meet them), then you’ll have something to enjoy, for sure.

The first book is, as I said, Probability Angels. The second, and pretty recently-released, is Persistent Illusions. The best part? If you just want to give these books a test-drive, you can do so for free on his website. If you like the books, drop him a line and tell him so.

Oh, and let him know that his level 2 Rogue is in for some adventures soon.

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