Deniath – Private sales for gaming geeks

A few days ago I stumbled on an interesting site, Deniath.  What is it?  “Deniath offers invitation-only access to exclusive, deals for game enthusiasts and pop-culture fans at up to 70% off retail.”  They’re a bit like, in that each sale features either one item, or a group of items from a single source.  The items are fairly well discounted and are often board games of some kind.

It is a private site with access by invitation only.  That’s not really bad news though.  You can request an invite directly at the site and you’ll get it in less than a week, most likely in less than three days.  Another cool thing is that invitations are not limited.  And, since I’m a member, I’d be happy to send you, our readers, invitations.  In the interest of full disclosure, if I invite you in, and you buy something, I get $10 in credit.  But, it could be entirely possible that I’ll take whatever I get from Deniath, turn around, and give it away here.

Interested?  Shoot me an email or hit me up @trollitc on Twitter and I’ll get an invite code to you in 24 hours or less, most likely a hell of a lot less.

Currently the Board Game eXchange is being featured, with discounts on subscriptions.  They’re sort of the Netflix of board games, and we’ll have more on them later. Upcoming deals feature Kuznia Gier, publishers of fine board games, Paizo, and Aoshima, creators of cool, plastic toys.

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