Get 20% off these Drive Thru RPG titles, because it’s Wednesday

Hump day.  The day of the Middle.  Woden’s other Eye will meet you at the Bar day.  It’s Wednesday, and because of this the fine folks at DriveThruRPG have opted to give you 20% off the below titles.  As they used to say in olden days: Go thee nuts!

When you check out, simply type in this code: MayDaysAtTheDriveThru2011. While you’re there, take a gander at my stuff too, if you don’t mind. All of it’s either free, or under $2.

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade [Third Eye Games]
Martial Cultures: the Daikort Pack [Chaotic Shiney Productions]
Dungeon Dwellers (Rev. 2nd Edition) [Empty Room Studios] (Link?  Can’t find it!)
Fuzzy Heroes (2nd Edition) [Inner City Games]
Book of Alignment (OGL/Pathfinder) [Emerald Press]
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