Old School Podcast: Interface Zero at RavenCon Part 1

My RavenCon 2011 experience continues to be the focus on my posts here at Troll ITC, but this post begins the audio for the final game, and the first convention game I’ve ever run.

This year I ran my first convention game, and not only that but one that used my very own rules created as an alternative to the Hacking/Virtual Reality systems in the Savage Worlds setting Interface Zero.  I’ve written about Interface Zero before and more recently I announced that I’m actually now in a writing contract to create a supplement for release this Fall.  My rewrite is intended to create a fluid group dynamic when players enter the virtual world known as “The Deep“.  The new system is one that relies on a broader set of skills and abilities than the Hacking skill alone for computer user, allowing a team of players to enter virtual reality and retain the diversity of their character features.

In this first part of the session, approximately one hour long, you meet the party and they meet each other, beginning their frantic and harried journey.  One player enters what is referred to in Interface Zero as Hyper Reality, a layer of virtual reality that overlays directly with the real world.  This is something that is actually in the core rule book for the setting and remains mostly unchanged in my alternate version.  Be sure to check back soon to hear some of the new rules when later segments of the session are posted.

As always, this podcast is available right here, and on iTunes.

Note:  At the time this podcast was created I referenced a contract with Gun Metal Games for publishing alternate hacking rules for Interface Zero.  Due to a number of factors, that supplement was never/will never be published.  I’m being consulted currently to work on a different supplement for The Deep, but the rules set used in this adventure did not make the final cut.

Interface Zero Logo

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17 thoughts on “Old School Podcast: Interface Zero at RavenCon Part 1

Add yours

    1. Sadly no. I’m not sure of all the details since I’m not really affiliated with Troll in the Corner any longer, but I know the site owner mentioned losing a lot of the old podcasts and this seems to be one of them.

      I’ve forwarded your comment to him to see if there is anything that can be done.


      1. That’s sad. There is very little audio material for Interface Zero. I recently discovered it and I really like it!


      2. Aha! I’ve found my backups!

        It’s been so long I’d forgotten where I stored them and thought I lost them too… I’ll find somewhere to upload them tonight and post tomorrow. Maybe with luck Ben can re-add them to the site here as well.


      3. No problem, I was just happy to find my backups and get them out there again. I’d love to hear what you think when you get done, I know towards the end the audio gets tough to listen to because there was a band playing in the next room, also I have some flub-ups I was called on by the faithful fans of IZ like saying “Interstellar” when that doesn’t exist, stuff like that, but all in all I think it went well and made for a really fun game – I just wonder if it is as fun to listen to for someone who wasn’t there.


      4. It will be a while until I listen to them completely as I had some queue of podcast in front. I will TRY to remember to get back here and write what I think. I listened to sample of first part and I need to clean things up somehow as it is hard for me to understand some parts because of backgrouond noise. It makes hard for me as I’m not native english speaker. Cheers!

        BTW. Good first scene 😉


      5. Yeah, I’m not an audio guy so I couldn’t clean up the background noise, and it only gets worse as the game goes on unfortunately, but such is the penalty for recording in a busy convention.

        Take your time listening to them, I won’t hold my breath on you coming back to reply, haha.


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