Teacher Effectively Uses an RPG to Teach World Issues

In what apparently originated in my city, John Hunter has developed an incredible role playing game experience he calls The World Peace Game, for his 10 year old gifted students.

The video below will no doubt give the best description of his game, so I won’t try to tell it better than the man himself:


For more information on this fantastic idea check out The World Peace Game’s website at http://theworldpeacegame.com/

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3 thoughts on “Teacher Effectively Uses an RPG to Teach World Issues

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  1. You have got to admit, this is pretty brilliant.
    To incorporate roleplaying and strategy games with education (namely economics, diplomacy, foreign relations, history, cultural anthropology, environmental issues) is absolutely fantastic!
    Making learning fun, and now with minis!

    And its not like these subjects are “new” to roleplaying anyways! Heck even we at Torn World have political and environmental issues in NUMEROUS campaigns of ours, and the players always love getting involved! He’s just taking that same concept and making it real-life!


  2. Real life and educational, I do think it is brilliant. I’m hoping to feature more of his stuff on the blog in the future if I can. I love it, thanks for commenting TornWorld-Jack.


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