I’m on the RedPhoneZone movie podcast, talking about epic/historical movies

Ethan and Aaron over at RedPhoneZone invited me on to their podcast to discuss historical epics, film, focusing on the Ethnographical, psuedo-biographical and antidisestablishmentarianism position that all film is actuality as reflected by societal mores.  Nah, just kidding, we jabber on about our favorite six flicks and swear a bunch.

I’ve had dealings with Ethan before, as he’s the guy who is in charge of the Gamer’s Haven podcast, and also runs a nice gaming convention called KantCon.  I’d not had any dealings with Aaron prior to this but I can assure you he’s a stand up guy.  In preparation for this, I listened to a number of their back episodes and can honestly say that I’ve added this podcast to my weekly rotation.  It’s well worth checking out!

It was fun to step a bit outside my comfort zone and chat with them about movies in general and epic historical flicks in detail.  We were tasked with picking our top 10 and discussing our top six.  I also got a chance to wonder out loud whether Christopher Nolan was trolling us all with his next Batman film.  Go me!  Here’s my top 10:

10. The Right Stuff
9. Full Metal Jacket
8. Life of Brian
7. Henry V (1989)
6. Gladiator
5. Braveheart
4. Apocalypse Now
3. Ben Hur
2. Rob Roy
1. Seven Samurai

You can get episodes through the RedPhoneZone site, or on iTunes.

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