Love books? Love writing? Write for us about books!

If you didn’t know, we’re currently dedicated to tabletop gaming, with some forays into movies, television and book reviews.  I’m aiming to broaden the scope of the site and appeal to a wider audience by adding an Editor to focus on literature.  Book reviews, industry news, author interviews, and anything else they can think of.

This person would be responsible for at least one article a week which would be either a review of a forthcoming book or an editorial specific to the industry. SciFi, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Steampunk and any other genre which would comfortably fit on TC will be the focus of this editorial position.

Also, a podcast wouldn’t be out of the question if the editor who ends up in this position has the motivation and the means.

I’m looking for a pretty solid commitment because I’ll be reaching out to several publicists who are willing to send as many ARCs as they have available, but will be expecting to see reviews.

Like the rest of us here at TC (including myself), this is not a paying position.  But, whomever lands the gig will get the following benefits:

  • Showered in Advance Reader Copies.
  • The chance to interview (and depending on their physical location) meet up with and interact with tons of authors.
  • Press passes to many conventions.
  • Their work read by thousands of people every month.

Before I make any decisions on who will be filling this editorial position, I will need to see two writing samples – one a review and the second and editorial or opinion piece relevant to the industry.  You can either send them to me (as some sort of document or directly in the email) or point me towards your work online.  If you’re going to send ’em, send ’em to ben@ the url to this site.  To send me links, do the same or use the Contact form.

As an Editor, whoever fills this position will, after roughly a month, have the ability to publish their own posts and have some editorial control over the entire site.  As well they will be included in discussions relevant to the direction of TC and be privy to future developments.  They will not be limited to the number of articles they can publish and should be encouraged to venture outside of their editorial perview to write about other topics provided they meet their weekly goal of one article.  Damn, is pervue even a word?  Here I was thinking it existed all along.

In other words, we’re pretty laid back here at TC and we all love to read this stuff, so write as much as you like about anything that would be relevant to the site as long as you do your weekly article on books.  If you’ve got a good sense of humor, love these things as much as we do and can write about them, you’ll fit in nicely!


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