Old School Podcast: WoD Mortals at RavenCon

Yet another game session audio post from Richmond, Virginia’s RavenCon 20111!  This week’s actual play is an almost two hour, role playing “get to know you”, with a nice dramatic battle to cap it off, all within the New World of Darkness rules set.  Although it was run as a con game, it seems to be more suited to a longer campaign.  You don’t get much in the way of resolution in this story, but you do get a good example of letting the players just run with first meeting and the awkward but exciting fun that can bring to the table.

“D”, the Story Teller, did a great job of working with what little time he had to let us sort of feel out our characters internally and amongst the group, as well his concept of the World of Darkness at large via such a small location in the grand scheme of things.  We were mortals, simple people living somewhat extraordinary lives… a high salary computer software engineer, a potentially world class athlete, an wealthy heiress to a vast fortune, a journalist trying to make his break, and an assassin working with some potentially supernatural ties… none of which truly have a clue about how dark the world can really be.

This was my first time playing New World of Darkness, and though we did character creation (not recorded) in a streamlined sort of simple way, I have to say I liked the feel of this game.  I’ve played World of Darkness and other d10 games based on the same system before and it has always been an elegant solution.  Several of the players at the table had never played any d10 games before, and “D” did a great job of catering his Story Teller style to them as well, so if you’ve never played but have an interest in White Wolf products, this might be a fantastic first session to get some core concepts in mind.

Enjoy the podcast!

As always, this podcast is available right here, and on iTunes.

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