The Road to Canterbury – a game of pardoning sins

Say you’re living in the 14th century and looking to make a quick buck.  What do you do? Why you service the thriving pilgrim industry, helping out those heading to Canterbury by pardoning their sins.  Of course, you’re selling forged pardons but hey, the industry isn’t regulated so who’s to say it’s actually wrong?  The game’s designer, Alf Seegert is no stranger to game design, having already created two gems in Bridge Troll and Trollhalla.  Now he’s back and getting all medieval on us.

“In the game The Road to Canterbury, players each play a pardoner just like Chaucer’s. As you travel the road on pilgrimage to Canterbury, you sell indulgences delivering pilgrims from the eternal penalties brought on by the Seven Deadly Sins. But to succeed as a pardoner, you will need to do more than just sell forged pardons for quick cash. To keep your services in demand, you will actually need to lead these pilgrims into temptation yourself! Perhaps some phony relics might help? There is one big catch. The Seven Deadly Sins live up to their name: each sin that a pilgrim commits brings Death one step nearer, and a dead pilgrim pays no pardoners!”

Gryphon Games has started a Kickstarter project for Road to Canterbury, which is well on its way to becoming fully funded.  Check it out!

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