More Savage Worlds Deluxe Info

Pinnacle Entertainment group released their official website announcement for the upcoming Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition this morning, but readers of their forums know that is really where the action is.  Since their Savage Worlds Deluxe thread started last Thursday, the forums have been filled with questions.  Core Rules Manager Clint Black (who previously did an interview with us here on this site), Pinnacle Company VP Joel Kinstle, and President Shane Hensley have been kind enough to provide at least a few answers to the fans.

Condensed here for your reading convenience, I’ll highlight some of the finer points:

First, quoted from the Pinnacle website home page –

  • “Design notes from the authors so you can see the thinking behind the system”
  • “Beautiful new art from some of the game industry’s best talent”
  • “All new One Sheets™ showcasing some of the game’s best features”
  • “An expanded section on Setting Rules and how to apply them to your campaigns”
  • “New Situational Rules such as Interludes and Dramatic Tasks”
  • “Errata and rule updates, all which will be made available on our web site absolutely free for those who already have the best-selling Explorer’s Edition!”

And now the good stuff, from the forums –

  • “What this book really is, is an expanded edition of the rules, a truly Deluxe Edition. Not just additional information, but expanded explanations of the rules in not only how they work, but in some cases why they work as they do.”  So while there will be changes, it seems that the current version books will at least be mostly compatible.
  • “160 pages, hardbound (full-size not Explorer size), and [MSRP] $29.99”  A big change from what we Savage Worlds fans are used to, but fret not, the smaller books will be back…
  • “Like the two Deadlands core books, you should expect an Explorer’s Edition-sized paperback coming out in about a year (possibly sooner if all the SWEX evaporate really fast)…” I hope for sooner, those small books have so much character and really help sell the system.  Joel did feel the need to follow this up by saying that the price point is not necessarily locked at 10 dollars when these digest-sized books come out, hopefully they won’t be too costly, but I think I’ll still be buying a copy or two.
  • “Dramatic Tasks cover situations where time is of the essence and some extended goal needs to be reached. For instance, disarming a bomb or performing a counter-ritual. The rules cover how to handle them and complications that might come up.” These sound a little like 4e Skill Challenges, which I’ve been using in my Savage Worlds games since I started running.  The hint was dropped that cards would play in, but that character skills will be important as well.
  • It was also mentioned by someone who attended the Thursday night chat with the Pinnacle folks that a new rule set for chases has been created by Shane Hensley, I hope that includes some streamlined or better explained vehicle rules.

All things considered, I’m pretty psyched up for this, some of the rules in my favorite game system are a little difficult to interpret.  Having this expanded book will hopefully help in a big way.  What the system desperately needs is guidance creating encounters with a reasonable difficulty.  This isn’t to say I want something so formulaic as to take away creative license from the Game Master, but something more than they have currently would certainly be appreciated.

For more info, check out Pinnacle’s website or forums.

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