Old School Podcast: Posthumous Z at RavenCon

Nathan Little of This is a Cow, his gaming company, was a major hit at RavenCon 2011 and kept a constant crowd gathered around his new zombie-based team board game, Posthumous Z.

I truly wish I could tell our readers more about this game, but I haven’t had a chance to play it myself yet.  What I can say is that it is an impressive looking work for something put together by one person, and there is no doubt that it was a crowd favorite.  Nathan and his father clearly love this game and were happy to talk at length with anyone who was curious, so I managed to steal him away from his ravenous fans long enough to do a quick interview.

The game is self published and has been worked on for a couple years now, making its debut at RavenCon 2009.  After revisions the game is back and fully available for purchase now via www.thisisacow.com.  To get a really good idea of how the game plays, give a listen to the man himself speak about it right here through Troll ITC, or as part of the Old School Gaming Podcast available via iTunes.

For an added bonus, the RavenCon Facebook 2011 Gallery features some great shots, such this one of Nathan being attacked by a Zombie Pickle:

Zombie Pickle attacks Posthumous Z creator Nathan Little

For further coverage of RavenCon 2011, please be sure to visit my Convention Report article.

As always, this podcast is available right here, through DriveThruRPG, and on iTunes.

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9 thoughts on “Old School Podcast: Posthumous Z at RavenCon

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  1. Nathan really put a lot into this game and did a great job getting people playing. I played a session and ended up being a Zombie Hooker that imparted disease on anybody I hit! LOL…crazy!

    This game is definitely worth picking up and the mechanics are well thought out.

    Great review!


  2. I went to RavenCon this year to goof off and find a D&D game to play or just sit around and draw if there was nothing I wanted to get into. I have not been able to game for years after having smalling children and a wife that is ill. I was blessed with an opportunity to go to the full weekend and set my eyes on a variety of things that I wanted to do. Well those plans got washed to hell when I met Nathan and Jonathan Little… we hit it off immediately talking about the artwork… as a graphic artist I was beside my self with the shear amount of custom artwork that Nathan had created… in Vector!!! This was a incredible amount of work to accomplish and something I myself have only dreamed of having the patience to attempt.

    Out of respect I decided to sit in on a game and try it out… a little hesitant because of my perfectly practical fear of anything having to do with zombies… well I sat and played… then I played again next thing I knew it was 1am and I had told my wife I would be home at 10pm… yikes I really got into that game… Saturday I got back to RavenCon first thing determined to find a game to play… well… there just happened to be a spot at the PostHumous table able with Nathan and his father bright and full of energy thanks to the flowing coffee from the con suite. I jumped in again… by the time I had realized it it was 1am again and I had sat through 3 games and watched 1 or 2 others… Sunday morning I was happy to find that it was raining which meant no yard saleing with the family… back off to RavenCon…. and one last game of PostHumous… Guys…

    This game is addictive, fun, ever changing, and challenging all wrapped into one B-Movie set Zombie Thriller… I really think you could write a script for a movie after each game.

    Find the game and buy it… as soon as my taxes are wrapped up I am going to buy a set and infect the other would be zombies in the area!!!!


  3. Cool interview. I did have a chance to play at the con and it was a lot of fun. After we were done we helped Nathan clean up(since it was like 1:30 AM), and I asked if everything actually fit back in the box. He said it does(I know that’s a big pet peeve for some people. Don’t worry Nick, I won’t name names)


  4. I have played this game while it was in developement and now have both edtions…… it is well worth the money. Game is a blast to play!!!! Never plays the same way twice….. and depending upon who you play with can be so humours! Love playing to team ZOMBIE!!!!


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