Androminion is Dominion vs 2 AI players for your Android phone, and it’s awesome

I’ll admit it, I’m not the biggest gamer when it comes to the standard, casual style games available on most mobile platforms. I have a few tower defense style games on my iPod and Angry Birds on my Droid.  That’s about it.  Until that is, I found a thread on Reddit detailing android games that are cool.

Androminion caught my eye.  It’s essentially Dominion for Android!  It’s utilizing the cards from the base Dominion set, and also includes the Intrigue and Seaside expansions.

Androminion takes 10 random cards from these three sets, and throws two AI’s at you (Earl and Drew) who generally manage to play pretty well.

Before I go much further, I’ll include this little image here. Use your Android phone to scan it and get this game.  Really, it’s well worth it!

Being designed for Android phones, the interface takes a few minutes to get used to.  Once you are used to it however, it’s brilliantly laid out.  This is a fairly complex game to display on a 4″ screen and dev Mehtank does it very well.  Everything you need to play is right there on one screen.  The card choices are displayed on the top, with the cost in the gold circle and the number of cards available in the center.  Below that to the left is your hand.  Next to that on the right are the cards you’ve just played.  Buttons to select cards, pass on actions, end your turn (which happens automatically if you run out of actions/buys/money) are to the right.

Dominion on a phone!

Beneath these buttons, you’ll see a detailed list of your decks and the AI’s decks.  The numbers indicate the number of cards in the player’s draw pile, hand and deck, respectively.  Finally at the bottom is a running log of each player’s turn.   In the screenshot above, You (highlighted, indicating the active player) is doing something with the Pirate Ship card.

More information about each card can be had with a simple long press over the card, no matter where you’re looking at it.

It took me about 20 minutes and three games to really get the hang of this interface. Once I got it though, it was smooth sailing as I repeatedly got my ass handed to my by freaking Drew, the uppity AI.  Over the course of an evening playing this though, I actually improved my Dominion game and started winning about half of the matches.  At the end of a game, you can see who had which cards, who won and how many victory points each player has.


Games run (for me at least) an average of about 10 minutes.  The interface is incredibly smooth and easy to work with. There are a ton of nice touches in the layout and implementation. All of the cards are easily pressed, despite their smallish size.  I only once selected the wrong card in an entire night (and morning commute) spent playing.  Then, even if you do select the wrong card, you have to okay your selection, so my fat fingering was easily repaired.

This app is actively being developed, with lots of bug fixes and new features already added.  I don’t know what will happen in the future with this app, but a few things I’d love to see are, in order:

  • The ability to select the 10 cards you’ll be playing with rather than a random selection
  • The addition of the Intrigue and Alchemy expansions.
  • The ability to toggle on or off the AI players to play a 2 player game (human VS AI).
  • Multiplayer.
  • A third AI.

Really, this is a fantastic implementation of Dominion for Android.  It has me completely hooked!  One last bonus to this  is, over the course of my 50 minute morning commute, playing this game through all of it, I didn’t notice any difference to how rapidly my battery was drained.  Dominion as a board game is still my all time favorite table top activity.  This app does a great job in setting up a 3 player game and gives me access to Dominion no matter where I am.  5 out of 5 stars.

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2 thoughts on “Androminion is Dominion vs 2 AI players for your Android phone, and it’s awesome

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  1. Wow, that is really cool. I’m downloading it right now. Board games are a bit of a new passion of mine but one which is seldom indulged due to lack of players. A portable, AI version is just what I need to get my fix without having to track down players and set up times. Thanks for the link man, you have made my day. Now if only we could get Munchkin for the Android…


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