Quick Review: Pathways #2 – a free Pathfinder ‘zine with tons of good stuff

So you’re looking for some new creatures, a template or two to apply to your existing monsters, maybe some new religions and subdomains?  Interview with Pathfinder folks or reviews of a number of products?  But you don’t want to pay for this, right?  Well you’re in luck, because Rite Publishing’s Pathways Zine is here, and it’s free.

Opening with an editorial by Ben McFarland of Tales of Zobeck fame, Pathways #2 also has a ton of useful features.  A new Pyroclastic creature template for those who love all things to do with vulcanism, as well as a nasty, high level pyroclastic dragon are up next.

There’s an interesting take on the natural world with the Sacred Beasts divine sub-domain next, followed by new spectral like creatures, Haunts.

The Synergixxik is perhaps my favorite from Pathways #2.  I like odd creatures that can add an interesting dimension into an encounter.  The Synergixxik are large insects that resemble a walking stick.  When threatened, they band together to form larger, insectoid constructs that do nasty things to people.

The Riderless Horse is a quick encounter with the party’s druid or ranger in mind, designed to give the party a bit of cash as well.

Also included in this issue is an interview with freelance RPG writer Tim Hitchcock and reviews of eight new Pathfinder RPG products.

The PDF itself is well laid out, easy to read and accessible with bookmarks making for easy navigation.  All of the contents are easy to throw right into your ongoing game and the reviews spotlight some interesting new Pathfinder licensed products you may not hear about otherwise.  Did I mention this was free?  There shouldn’t be much of a decision making process in getting this one, so go out and download it right now.

To summarize, lots of good, in-game content, interesting editorial and interview, reviews of other Pathfinder products and doesn’t cost you a dime.  5 out of 5 stars.

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