Feelin’ Froggy? Jump! – Winds of Change Session 6

Right off the bat, here’s the link to the audio for this session.

The idea for this session spawned from a conversation I had on Twitter a few months ago. I wanted the party to fight some type of were-creature, but I wanted it to be something other than the standard fare. The result of my questioning led me to the following creature: The Werefrog Pirate.

My intention had been to have the party fight these beasties during session 4, but things don’t often go as planned. Stuff took too long, the Grippli Challenge rose up in my mind, begging to be played, and well, here we are.

This session has some good bits in it, but it also has a moment that I’m really not proud of. The party had three options in terms of their route to get to the Pirate Caves. The one they chose sent them through an old abandoned temple to Yig, the Snake God. I planned well for that choice in every aspect but one: the combat in the temple. I ended up putting them in a situation that was too tough and not enough fun.

Following that, one of the pitfalls of gaming with your family reared its ugly head. I don’t remember the specifics, but I ended up pausing the recording and getting irrationally upset at one of my sisters for something relatively innocuous. It’s one of those things that only seems to happen when you’re close the group you game with. There was an awkward silence following that moment, and then we moved on. It might not have been a big deal, but when I think back, I still feel bad about it.

Fortunately, the group seemed to have a really good time flushing out the Werefrog Pirates, even if it did leave one of he party members with their gender switched. I don’t want to give too many details away, so do yourself  favor and give the session a listen.

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