Parahuman: Zaibatsu Corporation Bio-Organic Technology

Zaibatsu Corporation Bio-Organic Technology

Bio-organic technology was pioneered by Zaibatsu Corporation and has become all the rage in Japan.  These devices are made of specialized symbiotic cells, vat grown and manipulated to for the devices below.   There are two grades of bio-organic technology.  Common bio-organic technology can be purchased on the open market, though it’s not cheap, and is considered a status symbol among Japanese socialites and are legal to own. Military grade bio-organic technology, on the other hand, is only supplied to Japanese military organizations, including the National Japanese Police Force.  Nevertheless, these items find their way into the hands of criminals and parahuman villains, particularly those associated with the Yakuza, with an alarming regularity.

These should be purchased just like normal powers since most, once attached, cannot be removed, but because they are relatively common (in Japan anyway) they are included in this chapter.


Grade:  Military

Appearing as a fleshy gauntlet with wickedly sharp claws, this bio-organic device is known as a “Demon’s Claw” in common terms.  Its use should be obvious. Design:  Damage 5 ranks Cost:  5

Bio-Energy Blaster

Grade:  Military

This bio-organic device looks like a reddish fleshy nodule with an eye at one end.  It attaches to the user’s forearm.  The user can project a plasma blast from the eye. Design:  Ranged Damage 10 ranks Cost:  20

Cosmetic Modification

Grade: Common

This bio-organic device actually covers a wide range of possibilities; from unnatural-colored eyes to features that give an animalistic appearance (such as zebra stripes) to permanently perfectly-styled hair to bioluminescent skin that displays the correct time.  This is the most common form of bio-organic technology seen in Japan and is available at almost any hospital and many clinics.  Unlike other bio-organic technology, these modifications can be purchased with the Equipment feat, with each separate modification costing only one point. Design:  N/A.  These modifications grant no powers or abilities and can be considered Features. Cost:  1

Dermal Modification

Grade:  Common or Military

The user’s body is covered in a silverish skin that is a hundred times more dense (a thousand times for Military Grade) than normal human flesh.  The Common Grade Dermal Modification offers Protection 5 while the Military Grade offers Protection 10. Design:  Protection 5 (Common); Protection 10 (Military) Device Cost: 5 (Common); 10 (Military)

Diplomat’s Collar

Grade:  Common

This bio-organic device is a piece of greenish-blue flesh that attaches to the user’s neck and wraps around to include the user’s ears.  It allows the wearer to speak and understand any language. Design:  Comprehend Languages (Speak and Understand) 2 ranks Cost:  4 points

Long Grasp

Grade:  Common

This glove of bio-organic material fits over the wearer’s own hand, and provides perfect tactile sensations even through the vein-filled reddish skin.  The bio-organic flesh of the “glove’s” wrist is able to extend and expand greatly, while still enabling the wearer to feel the sensations and control the hand up even several feet away. Design:  Elongation 2 ranks Cost:  2


Grade:  Common or Military

Police officers and military personnel are often wounded in combat.  This bio-organic second skin, which renders the wearer’s own flesh a pale white, is able to speed up the normal healing process to incredible degrees. Design:  Regeneration 1 rank (Common) or Regeneration 5 ranks (Military) Cost:  1 (Common) or 5 (Military)

Symbiotic Muscles

Grade:  Common or Military

This bio-organic device comes in two grades.  Common Symbiotic Muscles enhance a user’s physical ability scores 2 points while Military Symbiotic Muscles enhance them by 4 points; each symbiotic muscle can only treatment can affect only one ability score, though Symbiotic Muscles can be mixed and matched to enhance multiple Abilities.  The bio-organic device appears to be thick, ropy muscles that attach externally to the wearer’s body. Design:  Enhanced Ability 2 ranks (Common) or 4 ranks (Military) Cost:  4 (Common) or 8 (Military) per enhanced ability.

Third Arm

Grade:  Common

The user has a third arm that attaches somewhere, usually the chest or below one of the user’s primary arm.  Using this arm is as easy and natural as using one’s own off-hand.  The arm is obviously inhuman in appearance, with large, fleshy bulges and thick blue veins. Design:  Extra Limbs, 1 rank Cost:  1

(Note:  A big thanks to Nick for the new Parahuman logo.)

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