WotC and SarahDarkmagic Stole from Me!

When I opened up my RSS feed this morning, I could not have been more dismayed. It seems that WotC (Weems of the Coast) has been working on a new version of D&D! That, in and of itself, is not terribly surprising or shocking. What stole my breath and made my blood boil was the new setting they announced on sarahdarkmagic.com.

Candy Land. Candy F-ing Land!

My anger is not directed in the way you might think. Oh, no. I loves me some confectionery gaming. So much so that I made the Candy Land setting for Pathfinder almost 9 months ago!

Don’t believe me? I have proof! I ran an event at KantCon 2010 entitled Sugar Rush, where the players took on, get this, King Kandy, just as outlined in the post at sarahdarkmagic.com! Here, here’s a link to the audio. Listen! I will be vindicated.

Weems of the Coast and Sarah Darkmagic, you will be hearing from my lawyers.

[tags]rpg, rpgs, April Fools, Really you thought this was real?, dnd, actual play[/tags]

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