V20: Everything Old is New Again

In case you haven’t heard, White Wolf Publishing is releasing a special 20th anniversary edition of Vampire: The Masquerade, which compiles all of the Clans, Bloodlines and Disciplines into one book and updates the game to more modern day.  I’ve been thinking about this since the announcement last week and what it means to me.

You see, while Vampire wasn’t the first RPG I played (that would be the D&D Red Box), it was the one that has had quite possibly the most influence in my gaming life.   The Storyteller system, warts and all, is still my favorite game system of all time.  My most successful, and longest-lasting, campaign was a World of Darkness Campaign that shared (and sometimes combined) a single Chronicle among the various game lines.

While I like the revisions made to the core Storyteller system with the new World of Darkness lines (and the Storytelling system), there has always been something that didn’t click with me with the nWoD.  I’ve never been able to get a satisfactory long-term campaign going with the nWoD for reasons I haven’t really been able to put my finger on.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, memories of a game that ran (in one way or another) from my Senior year of high school all the way to 1999 or so.   Maybe I’m caught up in the madness of “retro-gaming” that’s currently all the rage.  Maybe I just would like to see my group have a successful long-term campaign where they play wicked creatures of the night with NPCs that I will still have fond memories of in another 20 years.  Whatever the case, I welcome this new, old edition.  My d10s are ready to go…I say we work us up some bloodsuckers!

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  1. Right there with ya amigo. Even though I’m a self proclaimed gaming whore with a crazy collection spanning many systems….but Vampire seems to be the one I played the most. Granted, I’ll admit I played it heavily during a “goth phase” in my life…..but even now I still respect the story lines and role-playing potential.


  2. I was super-excited about this as well. I have very fond memories of OWD and Vampire especially. The one problem is though, I can’t tell from the initial announcement if this will be widely available, or only a special edition that is only available at their White Wolf Convention event in New Orleans. The announcement is not clear on this.

    I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t make it available outside that event, but then again… who knows?


  3. The last I heard is that they’re having a meeting this week to determine what sorts of distribution they’re going to give this product, but I truly hope they don’t release it *only* at the Grand Masquerade. I think they could make a bunch of money off of this with a wider release, at LEAST .pdf. At the very very least.


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