We’re at PAX East!

PAX East is here!  And where there! Or here!  At PAX East!

Want to see what’s going on moment to moment?  Check out Ben’s twitter feed and Tracy’s twitter feed!  Also use them to get in touch with us at PAX should you want to meet up, drink or game.

Check back in at this post for updates and watch the site for news!  If you’re there and would like to say hello, here’s what I look like:

For anyone interested, here’s my tentative schedule.


10am: 4pm: Gawk like a 15 year old boy at the Playboy mansion.

5:00pm: “Get Inside Magic: The Gathering” at the Merman Theatre.

Currently getting my butt handed to be in Munchkin!
6:30pm: “House Rules and Stealing from Other Games in RPGS” at the Merman Theatre


11:00am: I’ll be at or near the WotC booth

1:00pm: I’ll be in Indie Alley.

4:00pm: Publish your Own RPG- And Don’t Go Broke Doing it! – Merman Theatre.


1:30pm: D&D Virtual Table is Here! – Merman Theatre.

Update from Tracy – I have had a great time so far. I’ve spent most of my time today in the Open Tabletop area, relaxing and shooting the breeze with a few different groups of gamers. So far, I’ve not had a chance to actually play anything today, but I expect that to change tomorrow.

Additionally, I’ve got meetings scheduled tomorrow with WotC and Steve Jackson games, so you can expect some audio from those events.

I’ll say this: absolutely great atmosphere. If you ever have a chance to come to Pax, do so.

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