The blog, it is empty!

Well, not quite – but there’s not much going on around here this week.  Why?  Well PAX East, that’s why!

A bunch of us are preparing for the convention by doing all of our standard, pre-convention rituals.  Packing, sacrificing chicken(McNugget)s, fantasizing over bumping in to Steve Jackson in the loo.

Tracy’s even lost the ability to swear correctly on Twitter – we’re all terribly excited!

So if you’re going to be at PAX East, we’ll see you there amongst the throngs!  If not, stay tuned to TC for a plethora of updates, reviews, interviews and podcasts streaming through the ether during and after the con!

Also coming to TC in the near future, reviews of Untold, Trollhalla, & Ascension.

[tags]gaming, pax east, rpg, board games, cons, swearing[/tags]

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