Quick Review: Adventure Idea Factory

The Adventure Idea Factory from DwD studios does exactly what it sets out to do. It gives GMs a quick and easy way to create a framework for their SciFi game.  Whether you need a one off for a side quest or are looking to set up an entire campaign, the AIF will give you the basics with just a few die rolls.

With 17 pages of pure gaming usefulness, the AIF helps you map out the areas your adventure will take place in. Then it comes up with some helpful descriptors of these areas to give the players a decent picture of where they are.  Next comes the primary objective – what the players are after, the big picture.  Then, the primary obstacle(s).  Last but in the scheme of things, not least at all, the final encounter.  Who or what will be standing in the way of the party completing their mission? Providing some quick instructions for putting everything together finishes off this book.

The AIF is a well laid out book with interesting and attractive artwork.  Another nice feature is that the PDF is completely bookmarked, making it very easy to find various sections.  Even more attractive, it’s system agnostic.  Playing Traveler? no problem. Got a Firefly campaign you need to juice up?  Got you covered.

A worthy product for any GM running a SciFi scenario.  5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Last night at the hotel I sat down for about 10 minutes and rolled up the following. Still needs a bit work, namely NPC descriptions – you fill in the stats. I wanted to find some people in the lobby to play Savage Worlds. 🙂

    The PC’s employer or benefactor recently went on vacation to a remote moon getaway, while there he/she contracted a deadly virus. The PC’s are asked to immediately travel to the moon. Once there they must find a local vaccine by travelling with a NPC guide to the Foreboding Lands in search of a rare plant.

    On the way they meet enemy creatures protecting their lair/young. When they find the plant their return path is blocked by a thunder storm collapsing part of the canyon wall. The guide says there is another settlement not far away where they can grab a transport back to the frontier town. Reaching the settlement they find a town on a plateau, gusts of wind constantly rips at their clothing. The town built wind traps to create power in order to evade high prices from the local power plant.

    The power plant owner retaliated by kidnapping the mayor’s daughter. In exchange for a ride back to the frontier town the mayor asks the party to rescue his daughter. In order to reach their employer/benefactor in time they must persuade the town’s scientist, who worked at the power plant, to give them the layout.

    The power plant is built into a rock wall to one side of a large water fall. In order to gain entrance they must steal a robotic vehicle or confiscate an ID card. Once inside they should be able to rescue the daughter hiding in the back part of the power plant inside a cave. Unfortunately the PC’s become lost and must find their way out!

    The power plant is alerted to the PC’s presence; the final encounter is either security robots in the factory or a horde of creatures using the other side of the cave entrance as a liar!
    Not bad for 10 minutes, easily played out linear adventure although I would of course let the party decide where they wanted to go. The moon’s local could be fleshed out more to give it a living frontier feel.


  2. Sorry for the extra post. Here is what I worked off;
    3 Areas
    Frontier town – trapped/protected – vaccination – enemy creatures
    Frontier town – extreme winds – salvation – persuade other
    Factory – roaring sound of water – confiscation – lost
    Final encounter – creature horde!

    Good times!


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