Hoppiness and Unhoppiness – Winds of Change Session 5

I had a blast with this session. Go ahead, give it a listen.

In this session, the group hightales it after Sister Regina and ends up meeting up with one of my favorite races: the grippli. I first encountered the grippli in Ross Peyton’s New World setting. I loved Ross’ voicing of the little frog guys in his Actual Play sessions and I decided to run a few sessions of an adapted New World game in D&D 3.5. When I saw that the grippli were included in the Bestiary 2, I felt compelled to include them in my Freeport game.

Now, this posed a problem for me. Most of my players enjoyed the grippli, most notably my youngest sister. One of my players, however, hated them. I needed to find a way to make the little hoppers palatable to him and I think I did a good job at it. The player is question is playing Anderbilt, the gnome that thinks he’s a god. I intend to have him become one, eventually, but there’s a long road to walk to get there. A good starting point would be a group of worshipers.

The grippli fit that bill perfectly. The group met the grippli and one of the grippli they met indicated that Anderbilt was The Chosen One and convinced the group to come with them to the grippli home. They arrived (after a series of potentially lethal swim checks) and were hailed as the saviors of the grippli. The grippli chief, Flotsam, didn’t take kindly to this and challenged the gnome to THE GRIPPLI CHALLENGE!

If you ever want to hear me run a game while I am an absolutely great time doing so, listen to this session.

I had not intended to have anything resembling THE GRIPPLI CHALLENGE! (yes, it’s that important) to happen during the session, but it was appropriate. I ended up winging the entire things, but it was a blast. I’ll summarize since it’s more fun to listen to: he beat the challenge and became the new King of the Grippli. During the following celebration, the group found that Sister Regina was among the grippli. They talked with her and ended up convincing her to come to back to Freeport with them and work with them to lift the curse, providing that they help her establish another temple to the god of valor.

Upon reaching that decision and talking about when to leave, they find out that the grippli have a problem that the group needs to take care of: the tribe of grippli is being harried by a group of werefrog pirates that have taken up residence in a nearby cave. That’s right: werefrog pirates. There are three possible ways they could attacked the problem and the group chose to go through an old temple ruin that would take them to a secret entrance to the pirate lair.

But that’s a tale for the next session.

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