The Con Job – Troll in the Corner Goes to the Conventions

Some of us here at Troll in the Corner are going to be at a few gaming conventions in the near future.  Here’s what’s going on!

First, I’ll be at Total Confusion XXV as an industry guest, GM, player and all around gawking tourist come this Friday, February 25th!  Among other things, I’ll be running two Aruneus sessions (PFRPG) and also hosting a massive Talisman game, with every expansion for the 4th edition published to date.

If you’re going to attend, by all means come up and introduce yourself!  I enjoy meeting other gamers and nattering on about  our hobby.  Here’s my schedule for Total Confusion XXV:


1pm – 5pm R050  The World of Aruneus – The Haunted Mine (Running)
7pm – 9pm Game Design (Participating on the Panel)
9pm – 11pm P004  Cube of Death!


10am – 12pm R086  Zeppelin Pirates Over Hollywoodland
1pm – 5pm R100   The World of Aruneus – The Haunted Mine (Running)
5pm – 7pm MIB Munchkin Demos
7pm – 11pm B167 – Talisman, with all the bits! (Running, sorta)


10am – 12pm R133  The Con Job
1pm – 3pm P009  Total Confusion Awards 2011

In addition to playing in and running some games, I will be covering the convention for this site, doing a bit of podcasting from the event and who knows what else.  I’ll also be giving away a ton of stuff!

Now, if you do intend to participate in one of my games, well you’re gonna get more than 4 hours of Pathfinder zombie apocalypse goodness. I’ll be giving every single person who plays in of my my two Aruneus games my complete catalog (as PDFs) for free.  By the time the convention rolls around, I’m hoping that these offerings will have been expanded by at least two.  Contining in the free stuff vein, at my two sessions as they draw to a close, I’ll be asking the players to vote for one of their own.  Each session will have one person voted as best role player.  That person will receive this T-shirt in their size.

I’ve also got 100 cards from, each with it’s own PDF give away.  So grab one of them and get one of my PDFs for free!  Plus, for everyone who gets a swag bag, (which is just about everyone there) you’ll get a code to download the World of Aruneus: Contagion Infected Zombies for free.

Lastly, I’ll be bringing my first prototype for Mi Gato se Incendia! (My Cat is on Fire!) and will try to squeeze in a little free play with this game.

My wife will be in attendance with me and playing a few games herself.  Additionally, Scott from our Old School Actual Play podcast will be dropping by on Saturday and Ben, co-author and editor may be stopping by as well.

Next up is PAX East! March 11th through the 13th, PAX will be invading Boston.  I happen to live pretty close to Boston, so I grabbed my longboat and I’ll be heading in to do a little reeving myself.  Also in attendance will be Scott from the podcast and Tracy, Editor par excellence from this very site!  We’ve all got shiny new press passes and will be wandering around covering the convention for TC and having a grand old time.

I have no idea what my schedule will be there – there’s way to much cool stuff going on.  We’ll have more about PAX here as it draws a little closer.  I can tell you that I’ll be bringing Mi Gato to PAX, and trying to give away a bunch of stuff there as well.

Wherever they are, if you’re going to attend, please feel free to get in touch with me via Twitter!

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