AZAMAR: The Roleplaying Game – Using the Cinema6 RPG Framework and kicking ass

Our friends up north at Wicked North Games are getting massive amounts of work done on their flagship product, AZAMAR!  if you’re interested in getting your foot in the front door before everyone else, take a moment to check them out on Kickstarter with your chance to pre-order the Complete Player’s Guide. How cool do I think this is?  I’ve already put my money where my mouth is, that’s how cool.

AZAMAR is an epic, high-magic, fantasy, role-playing game experience brought to you by Wicked North Games. It is a world that struggles to recover from the Fracturing and Great War. Through the remnants shines a beacon of hope, and heroes arise to answer the call of Destiny. Will you join them? Or will you join the side of the despicable Fiends who seek to destroy the very fabric of Azamar and resurrect their fallen leader? Azamar’s recovery or total destruction lies in your hands, so choose wisely brave adventurer.

If this sounds familiar, we’ve talked with Brett and Jeremy from Wicked North Games before.

Want more information?  Download a free mini adventure, check out the Azamar world map and more.  Azamar is an elaborate world that presents a unique setting for gamers to experience. It is a standalone world that uses the Cinema6 RPG Framework and OpenD6 for dice foundations and mechanics. The Azamar’s Players Guide, once completed, will be a 250-page source book with plenty of information. It will include unique sections on geography, history, bestiary, pantheon, guide on important vegetation, and a whole slew of character customization features. These features will be the ‘Special Abilities’ used to empower your characters as they journey throughout the land and complete their quests.

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