Dragon Chow Dice Bags revisited – a review of the best damn dice bag I’ve ever owned.

I almost hate to admit it, but my Crown Royal bag, after 20 loyal years since being liberated from my Mom’s top cabinet shelf,  has just been retired.  There’s a new bag in town, and it’s from Dragon Chow Dice Bags.

Disclaimer: Dragon Chow Dice Bags advertise on this very site.  However, I paid for my bag, it was not given to me, and it was worth every cent.

The old Crown bag was getting a bit long in the tooth anyway.  So off I went to Dragon Chow looking for something to hold the tools of my trade.  Nothing to fancy, I thought, and then I saw this:

And I almost went for it. Almost.  But then, there it was!  Close to the same purple my old bag is, but also. . . reversible!  Purple. Grey. Purple. Grey.  It was going to be mine!

And now it is.

The ordering process was quite painless. Add it to my cart, pay with Paypal, get a receipt in a few minutes.  I emailed Lyndsay at DCDB a short time later to tell her that if she could get it to me by the 22nd of February, I’d bring it along with me to the conventions I was going to attend.  She responded within hours, telling me that it was shipping out the very next morning.

I placed my order on February 3rd, and here we are on the 11th, bag in hand.  It was delivered with a nice, hand written note, a few business cards and a new, matching d20.

The bag itself is very well constructed, reverses easily, has a nice draw string with one of those plastic clampy things on it who’s proper name I will probably never know, and best of all, it holds everything.  Securely and snugly, my dice are safe in their new home.  This was actually a serious consideration as I didn’t want to commit one of the single worse social faux pas possible at a gaming convention.  The inadvertent spilling of the dice all over the game floor in the huge, echoing game room.

I also love the flat bottom.  You put it down and it stays down. It doesn’t keel over and vomit dice on to the table.

I ordered the Standard Dice Bag, which cost me $12.00 plust $2.50 in shipping.

The only downside I can see about this whole thing is that my youngest daughter became immediately and irrevocably attached to this new bag.  In fact, rather than read to her, which I normally do at this time, she is in another room, playing with my dice and the bag.  She informed me in no uncertain terms that my presence was not necessary at this time.  I’m going to have to hide it after she goes to bed.

I’m giving Dragon Chow Dice Bags a 5 out of 5 stars.  The bag is great, holds everything securely, looks fantastic and attracts 5 year old kids faster than an ice cream truck with a flat tire.

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6 thoughts on “Dragon Chow Dice Bags revisited – a review of the best damn dice bag I’ve ever owned.

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  1. Why not buy your daughter her very own mini dice bag? Huh, huh?

    Is it shameful to admit that of the Dragonchow dice bags that I have bought only 2 hold dice? 1 holds all of the cards that used to be in my wallet (hey look, I can sit down again without being lopsided), 1 holds some tatting supplies & 1 of the mini ones holds…..a mini.

    Please note: I am not Lindsey. I follow her on Twitter and I love her bags. I am simply a very satisfied customer.


  2. And I forgot to mention, I bought 2 of them for gamer friends (hey, they bought me a light up d20) and they love them. I got a purple one and a green chili one.


  3. Sewicked – by tatting supplies, you mean tattooing?

    Are you a tattoo artist? And if so, do you live/operate on the north east coast of the US?

    Also, yes, the bags are amazing!


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