Old School Actual Play – Mini podcast #2 – A British Archaeologist and a Gamer walk in to a bar

Welcome to our third podcast, the 2nd in a series of Mini-casts to keep us all occupied in between our actual play sessions!

In this mini-cast, I’m joined by Benjamin Alberti.  Professor, Archaeologist, gamer and co-author of Troll in the Corner’s Magical Emporium: Masks of Magic and More!  Ben has also helped me out a bit in the editorial department, and has played in my Aruneus Pathfinder campaign.

In this mini-cast Ben and I discuss our gaming origins.  We talk a bit about the difference between games that utilize minis and games that do not, buying games out of the the back of cars and the usefulness of hiding players hit points and XP.  We discuss the problems of putting your artillery in the front when using historical minis and Car Wars, which has been on my mind for a bit.  Ben went into some non-spoiler details about the Haunted Mine (an adventure for Aruneus) and we drank some single malt Scotch.

Also for the first time, I asked for questions on Twitter an hour or so before we recorded, and picked a bunch to answer, which was quite fun!  We closed with Total Confusion XXV and talking about a new board game I just release, Mi Gato se Incendia! (My Cat is on Fire!)

As always, this podcast is available right here, through DriveThruRPG and on iTunes!

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