Confusion Reigns! Total Confusion XXV is rapidly approaching – get registered!

Total Confusion XXV, New England’s largest gaming convention, will kick off on Thursday, February 24th and keep the gaming going through Sunday the 27th.  If you’re anywhere near the New England area you should stop in and check it out, even if it’s only for a day.  There are tons of events going on and pre-registration is open now!

Thanks to the work of our Editors here at TC, we’ve gotten to cover a lot of conventions.  This one is going to be all mine though, and I’m really looking forward to it.  Not only am I attending, but I’ve managed to get myself in as an industry guest.  I’ll also be hosting the New England premier of the Haunted Mine – a 1st level adventure and introduction to the World of Aruneus.  Not one, but two sessions!  And I’ll be running one of my all time favorite board games, Talisman, with every expansion I could get my greedy little hands on.

The fun happens in beautiful Mansfield MA.

There are a ton of other events going on as well! Something for everyone, from LARP and video games, through RPGs, minis and board games.

Running at $30 for adults and $15 for a youth pass which covers the entire weekend, plus event tickets for $1.50 each – well, that’s a lot of fun to be had over an entire weekend for roughly the same it would cost you to get three people to a movie.  Daily passes are just $10 each.  You can’t beat that with a stick.

If you are planning on going, please feel free to tweet me when you’re there.  I’d really enjoy meeting up with other like minded gamers and either throwing a pickup game of something, or inhabiting the bar for a bit. Maybe we could get a bunch of folks together and record an informal old school podcast – the possibilities are endless!

Hope to see you there!

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6 thoughts on “Confusion Reigns! Total Confusion XXV is rapidly approaching – get registered!

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  1. I’ll be running panels at the con featuring the guests of honor. I am also recording a podcast before a live audience, performing a live reading of one of my short stories, and hosting a game show where 3 lucky audience members will win prizes. In addition to all that, I’ll also be recording the official TotalCon podcast.

    Hope to see you there!!!


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