Old School Actual Play Mini-cast #1 – 22 Minutes of RPG Goodness

We’re back!  Welcome to our Old School, Actual Play Mini-cast!  This is a 22:25 mini-cast, in which Scott and I get together to chat about old school RPGs vs newer systems.

What’s good about Palladium FRPG 1st edition?  What about D&D 4.0, or 3.5?  Pathfinder? And just why does Savage Worlds rub Scott the wrong way?  Find out the answers to these burning questions and a bunch more as we sit down to chat.  And did he just say MMORPG?

Other topics we talk about:  Print on Demand, is it the way of the small press RPG?  What about licensing titles – worth it?  Just how far uphill, through snow, both ways did Ben walk to the high school RPG sessions?  What it is like being a small press outfit publishing only PDFs, and when will the whole crew be playing Old School again?

Scott is our GM in our old school Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st edition campaign, and Ben plays a wizard, and a slightly drowned assassin.

Listen to this podcast right here, on iTunes or through Drive Thru RPG!

[tags]rpg, actual play, old school, role playing games, palladium, savage worlds, small press, print on demand, feign death[/tags]

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